2016: FISA Court 85% of Charges Fake…Fusion GPS Supplied Reports to Obama

Thanks to an internet sleuth, we found out that an audit conducted by the FISA court shows that 85% of the crimes alleged were absolutely false. At that time, Fusion GPS bragged that they supplied reports to Obama. They redacted that in 2018 as they were being scrutinized for the fake dossier. We don’t know how much of that 85% were from Fusion GPS, but I’d bet most of them. The audit was completed in time for the 2016 election but wasn’t released publicly until well into 2017. That would have undercut the Russian collusion story before people voted. President Trump won anyway.

From The Gateway Pundit

Fusion GPS proudly announced online in their original mission statement that they produced reports for President Barack Obama.  By 2018 Fusion stopped bragging about this fact.

Another Internet sleuth put together a masterpiece on the fake Trump – Russia dossier.  In the online report, a list of individuals who worked for Fusion GPS was listed along with its founders.  Also, the report provides Fusion’s mission statement –

According to the original Fusion GPS website, their mission statement was as follows –

Based in Washington, DC, Fusion also stands at the crossroads of the regulatory, policymaking and enforcement communities increasingly important to the sound allocation of capital. We know the people on the front lines of issues related to trade, technology, natural resources and security. Our specialists can provide support in matters of regulatory compliance, asset recovery and market intelligence.

We have the ability to present information in powerful products written by a team of specialists trained in producing material for some of the most discerning readers in the world, including the President of the United States and the readers of The Wall Street Journal.

report from an audit performed for the FISA Court that was completed in October of 2016 but not released until April 26, 2017, noted among many crimes, that 85% of the government’s FISA searches were fraudulent, and the data from these searches was provided to outside contractors who obviously had no business receiving this data.  It is believed that Fusion GPS was one of these contractors.

Was Fusion taking information on Americans that it received from fraudulent FISA searches made by the US government and providing summaries of this data to the Obama White House?  It sure looks like that is the case!

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