AG Barr Defends His Handling Of Mueller Report

On Thursday, Attorney General William Barr gave a statement defending himself on his handling of the Mueller report that concluded the phony Russia investigation, explaining that the document contains sensitive grand jury information that has to be protected before he can release the document to the public.

Barr needs to especially protect sensitive information from the congressional Democrats who want to leak it to their stenographers in the fake news media to trash the president over nothingburgers found in the report.

Barr’s statement was made necessary due to the whining of congressional Democrats who have complained that the AG’s four-page letter that summarized Mueller’s conclusions was somehow sanitizing the dark and explosively damning full report in the president’s favor, especially on whether or not the president obstructed justice… for a crime that never happened.

On Wednesday, House Democrats voted to approve of subpoenas for Mueller’s entire report, unredacted, and with all of the underlying documents, or evidence, that the DOJ might have.

Dealing with congressional Democrats is like dealing with children.   They are now making an argument that even though Mueller determined there was no Russian collusion, and there was no indictment recommendation from Mueller for obstruction of justice, the very fact that the Mueller report is almost 400 pages long, and Barr’s letter a mere four pages, is enough to show proof that there is some kind of cover-up going on to protect President Trump.  In other words, Democrats, like impatient children, can not wait their turn to be able to grab anything at all that may be in the report that they could use to impeach Trump, including that it may state the president used Russian salad dressing during a state dinner last year.

From Breitbart:

In his statement, Barr defended the decision to release a brief summary letter two days after receiving the report on March 22. He previously said he wanted to release the entire document in gradual or piecemeal fashion. He is now expected to release the entire report, with some redactions, by mid-April.

“Given the extraordinary public interest in the matter, the Attorney General decided to release the report’s bottom-line findings and his conclusions immediately — without attempting to summarize the report — with the understanding that the report itself would be released after the redaction process,” Barr’s statement said.

Barr’s statement also pointed out that every page of the Mueller report was marked that it could contain grand jury information, “and therefore could not immediately be released.”  The Democrats have become such swine as of late, that I would not put it past Mueller to have done this on purpose, and at the request of key leading Democrats in Congress, so that the AG was forced to redact on many pages, just so that the swine can have a feeding frenzy of speculations about a cover-up.

According to Barr’s letter to Congress Mueller left it up to him to decide if there was obstruction.  Allegedly, there is information in the report by Mueller that lays out evidence on both sides of the question of whether or not the president obstructed, in a way that neither claims there was obstruction nor exonerates Trump.   It would be that speculation by Mueller that Democrats want to focus on for impeachment articles.

In other words, though Mueller had to admit that there was no collusion, he added enough tidbits for his pals on the Democrat side to be able to go after the president with nothing more than speculation that sounds bad.  What a guy.  It’s actions like that taken by Mueller throughout the entire witch hunt process that he should be investigated for abuse of power and corrupting the process of the justice system.

As for the congressional Democrats and their demands of being given the entire Mueller report, unredacted, and with all underlying documents, they can just go pound sand.  Congress is a separate branch of government from the Executive branch.  They can’t demand anything here, especially since they are the ones who created the law that gives the Attorney General sole authority over who gets to see what from the result of a special counsel report.  They created that law after Ken Starr’s report came out on President Bill Clinton, and now they want to ignore the facts.  Congress has legislative oversight powers, and that’s it.  The Mueller witch hunt was a criminal investigation, which doesn’t give Congress any authority to demand anything.

AG Barr is doing the right and lawful thing.  He is protecting innocent people who were promised anonymity from the government for their participation in the investigation.  Democrats, in their lust for vengeance against Trump for having the audacity to win the 2016 presidential election don’t give a damn about American citizens they can harm in their quest to destroy Trump.

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