AMAZING VIDEO: Policeman’s Awesome Take Down of Multiple Beach Goers [VIDEO]

Policemen and women are one of the greatest assets our country has and needs for our protection, no matter what Democrats tell you. There may be a bad apple now and then, but they are the exception and not the rule. It started with one rowdy beach bum who tried to resist the officer, and after he was taken down, his friend tried to intervene. But the cop kept his cool and continued to take down those trying to interfere and continued to control the original defender. He could have pulled his gun and made his case, but he knew the situation didn’t call for it and his ability to control the situation proves that he was right.

From The Daily Caller

A police officer has gone viral for an unreal altercation on a beach.

ESPN Drunk posted a video of a single police officer handily taking down a pair of men who appeared to put up a good fight.

At one point, the officer has a dude on the ground in a chokehold that would make Dana White and the rest of the UFC very proud.


My friends, that’s the definition of getting your ass kicked. It was two on one, and the police officer made easy work of both of them.

I love the dude who just tried tapping out like this was an officiated fight or something. That’s not how this works. 

You can’t just tap out once you start fighting a police officer. Generally speaking, it’s a very dumb idea to get into a physical confrontation with a guy who carries a gun and a badge.

To quote the great Raylan Givens, the next one is coming faster. These dudes are legit lucky this cop just didn’t draw down on them.

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