AOC Blamed By Plurality of New Yorkers for Loss of Amazon Campus

A poll was taken recently on the loss of the Amazon campus and its 25,000 high paying jobs to see who NY blames for the loss. 67% of the respondents say losing Amazon was a disaster and 38% put the blame on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. That’s more than those who blamed Bill de Blasio, Gov Andrew Cuomo or even Amazon itself. The media has built AOC into a superstar, but her performance has been well below the press’ depiction of her. It seems that hardly a day goes by that AOC does not commit a major gaffe or gets her facts totally wrong. She even bragged about costing New York the Amazon deal.

From The Conservative Tribune

When New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez first appeared on the political scene with a surprising primary upset of 10-term incumbent and House Democratic Caucus leader Joe Crowley, the self-proclaimed democratic socialist was heralded by the left and the liberal media as a rising star who would help guide the Democratic Party through the Age of Trump.

Unfortunately for the former bartender, things haven’t been going particularly well for her since she took office. Her unfavorability rating has soared as more Americans become aware of her amid an incessant barrage of absurd tweets, divisive commentary, far-left socialistic proposals and a generally arrogant ignorance about many things that has become exceedingly off-putting for most people.

Case in point is the lead role Ocasio-Cortez took in staunchly opposing, and ultimately killing, a planned deal for Amazon to locate a new headquarters in New York City that would have provided upward of 25,000 new jobs in exchange for generous tax incentives from the city and state.

Those actions have prompted roughly two-thirds of all New Yorkers to label the outspoken congresswoman a “villain” for killing the deal in a new poll, which was discussed briefly Sunday during a segment of Fox Business Network’s “Bulls and Bears” market-focused program.

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