AOC Melts Down After Seeing Her Poll Numbers…Blames Fox News

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is having a major breakdown over her ever-sinking poll numbers. She claims the only reason her numbers are so low is because of Fox News. It’s not her ignorance or her ill-advised policies, it’s Fox News. And I am too big because of forks. She is only a couple of months into her term, and she is -10 in the polls. A month ago, in the same poll, she was -2.  She claims that a screaming headline on Fox shows that she is under water in all but three categories – and those are the typical liberal groups. She’d better get used to it. It’s gonna get worse.


From Breitbart News

Earlier this week, Breitbart News reported on Ocasio-Crazy’s awful polling numbers as reported by Gallup. There is just no question that as her national profile has exploded, primarily through gushing coverage from the establishment media, it has backfired bigtime with the public.

The more people know about Ocasio-Crazy, even though the media’s Vaseline-smeared filter, the less they like her.

Although she is much better known than almost all of her counterparts in Congress, better known than even Chief Justice John Roberts, a plurality of 41 percent view her unfavorably, a leap of 15 points since September.

Fox news is a small island, a very small island, in an ocean of fake news and fake news loves them Alexandria Ocasio-Crazy.

What’s more, Ocasio-Crazy’s overall favorability ratings did not just drop among old, white men. It also dove seven points with Independents, three points with women, seven points with young people aged 18-34, and eight points with those aged 35-54.

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