Barely 100 Days In and Pelosi Loses Control Of The House Over Simple Budget Bill Preliminary Vote

The longer we watch and wait, the more evident it becomes that infighting inside the Democrat party is becoming a significant problem. I can’t help but wonder if Nancy Pelosi is regretting reclaiming the Speaker’s gavel, because even though her views are really far to the left, the young radicals in the person of Tlaib, Omar, AOC, Jayapal, and other committee personnel are giving her headache after headache even when it comes to relatively non-controversial issues such as budget matters.

This from Breitbart:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lost control of the House floor on Tuesday, withdrawing from consideration before a vote what was presumed to be a mundane, run-of-the-mill, typical political messaging bill on the budget due to widespread division in her own House Democrat conference.

Bloomberg News’ Erik Wasson and Jack Fitzpatrick reported on Tuesday afternoon:

House Democratic leaders shelved a plan to pass a bill increasing budget caps for the next two fiscal years amid infighting between their caucus’s liberal and moderate wings. Liberals demanded $33 billion more for domestic social programs in 2020 as the price of their support, while some moderates opposed the bill over its lack of spending cuts in mandatory entitlement programs to offset the impact on the deficit. Republicans slammed the House majority for failing to produce a budget so far this year.

The bill was not even meant to become law, but to be a messaging bill–an opening salvo for spending negotiations between House Democrats, Senate Republicans, and President Donald Trump’s White House.

“The bill was intended to be an opening offer from House Democrats in budget talks with the White House and Republican-led Senate about the level of discretionary spending. It calls for increasing defense and non-defense caps by $88 billion each in 2020. Disagreement among House Democrats now raises questions about how those talks will proceed,” Wasson and Fitzpatrick reported.

They quoted House Budget Committee chairman Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) as saying the divisions between the two sides of the Democrat conference were irreconcilable ahead of Pelosi’s plans for a floor vote on the bill on Tuesday.

“There are further conversations we must have to reach consensus between the wings of our caucus, left and right,” Yarmuth said.

Source: Breitbart News

I must admit, at first, the news of the freshmen radical-left House members left me wanting to give them the boot and get them out of there on the double. The more I hear, however, what seems to be happening is their radicalism is cutting the legs out from under Pelosi, and the more seasoned (read, “sneaky”) Democrats who are better schooled in the subtleties of un-American Democrat power plays behind the scenes that stay out of the public eye until it’s too late to shut them down. In a nutshell, the left is eating its own, and I couldn’t be happier.

Ms. Pelosi is in a spot of trouble here, because if she keeps losing battles like this to the left of her conference and enough of the members on both sides feel courageous enough to take on the Speaker of their own party, and they start winning those fights as the radicals that are so far to the left have won this fight, then they could begin challenging her on many more things that they would generally let go.

My hope is that it will take her so long to get the young rabble-rousers to shut up that the 2020 election will be upon us, with their radical agenda in full display for all to see, and that the legal American voter will put them in their place (out of office) and usher in at least another four years of genuinely Godly and constitutionally-sound government that will put the radical left entirely out of business for the foreseeable future.



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