Bernie Sanders Joins The Lunatic Fringe Who Claim We Only Have 12 More Years To Live [VIDEO]

Democrat socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) proved he is stricken with the progressive pathogen when he doubled-down on the Democrats’ “Green New Deal” Friday, during an appearance on “The View” where he told the gaggle of hosts that it is impossible to go “too far” in combating climate change and stating that the “planet is at stake.”  My goodness!


“I will say that I’m embarrassed that we have a President that refuses to even acknowledge the reality of climate change. In my own personal opinion: If we do not get our act together and take on the fossil fuel industry… the planet that we are going to be leaving our grandchildren will become increasingly unhealthy,” said Sanders.

“The job we have to do is immediately grasp the magnitude of the problem and transform our energy system to change the planet… You cannot go too far on the issue of climate change,” he added. “We have 12 years to begin substantially cutting carbon emissions.”

I’m embarrassed that anyone takes this man seriously… for anything he says.

What if someone told you that you had a brain tumor, and the evidence provided to you was nothing more than a short video explaining how brain tumors can manifest, and they didn’t provide you with any evidence whatsoever that your brain actually has a tumor?  And what if they then demanded that you do something now before it’s too late and that something is you have to give them a lot of your money and give up doing some of the things you love to do that have no bearing on brain tumors, would you believe them?  Would you fall for that?  In the real world, we call that a scam.

Man-made climate change is a scam by progressives that is based on no real-world evidence.  The climate change industry – and it is an industry – bases its gloom and doom predictions on not actual evidence, but computer models.  I call them watermelon shysters, because while they are green on the outside promoting what is supposed to be sound policy to keep the world environmentally clean, on the inside they are actually red socialists who are using the scam that man is causing climate change to rid you of more of your money and to control the way you live your life.

Universities get government grants – read your tax dollars – to keep this scam going by making it appear as science when it’s not real science at all.  Global warming and climate change have become a government gravy train industry for everyone working in it.  If you were a car salesman would you support a government policy that ends the use of cars, putting you out of business?  Then why would the university-level watermelons ever promote the truth about climate change, which is all a scam?  They’re telling you that the world has a brain tumor and all they have to show for it is a bureaucratic short video showing you computer models.

You need to step up and contact your representatives who support this nonsense and tell them that they need to stop perpetrating this scam on the American people.  If there is no pushback, these monsters will continue to push legislation that leaves you with less and less money and even less freedom and liberty.

The climate has been changing since there has been a climate, and if Sanders knew anything about the history of the world, he would know that the earth has gotten through a lot worse than what human beings bring to the table.  The Left is blaming you for a so-called future calamity to make you feel guilty enough to agree to their demands for more of your hard-earned money and your freedoms to be lost to big government.  There have been many dire predictions made in the past about global warming and climate change, and not a single one of them has ever manifested.

If anything is a “manufactured crisis” it’s the fact that Democrat politicians are trying to convince you what is already taken for granted; that the climate changes.  Next time they should let us know when the Vatican elects a Catholic as Pope.

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