Biden Insists Trump’s Budget Is Making Middle Class Pay For Tax Cuts Benefiting The Rich

Joe Biden is making the rounds as he stumps for election for president, and gave us yet another example of the insanity the Left is trying to shove onto the American public. He’s now trying to convince listeners that the richest among us are shafting the middle class because the taxes are too low, yet the revenue flowing into the government’s coffers is massive, and workers across the entire spectrum are enjoying the benefits of the cuts.

From Breitbart:

During a speech before the International Association of Fire Fighters on Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden criticized President Trump’s budget and said it is asking the middle class to pay for tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.

Biden said, “I was gonna stay away from this, but I can’t. Did you see the budget was just introduced? It cuts $845 billion, almost a trillion dollar cut in Medicare, and almost a quarter trillion, $240 billion cut in Medicaid. Why? Because of a tax cut for the super-wealthy that created a deficit of $1.9 trillion, and now they’ve got to go make somebody pay for it. [They] gave millionaires and billionaires excessive tax breaks, and who are they asking to pay for it? Middle class families like you, the neighborhood I grew up in. Trading Medicare and Medicaid for tax breaks, how that’s going to help anybody in this room, or most of the people you live with? How is that going to help this country?”

Source: Breitbart News

Joe, as a reminder, here’s a partial list of some of the things that the Trump administration has accomplished – that really IS helping the country (and in relative terms, it’s the tip of the iceberg):

  • New Report out Wages, Productivity is spiking up in President Donald Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Economy
  • Black-owned business startups up 400%
  • 3.1% real GDP for 2018 annual growth rate in the United States
  • Unemployment lowest ever measured, and minorities in particular
  • 5 Million+ New Jobs Added
  • Manufacturing Jobs increased 500,000+
  • Troops coming home from Afgan and Syria
  • 99% of ISIS Destroyed in Iraq and Syria
  • Trade deals reworked
  • Markets up nearly 45% since the 2016 election
  • Wages going up after 10 years of no gains
  • Border Wall has been started on Texas and NM border
  • America Energy Independent – Gas prices at $2 per gallon or less in some areas

If this list isn’t something that will convince you that Trump is doing a great job with the country’s economy, then maybe you should go join your buddy Maduro in Venezuela. He seems to have things pretty well under control there, wouldn’t you say?



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