BOOM: Hillary Chief of Staff Admits He and Hillary Used Private Email for State Department Business

So, Hillary’s private server wasn’t only for yoga and Chelsea’s wedding.  Judicial Watch, who got a court order to force Hillary’s associates to give sworn depositions, recently interviewed former Hillary Chief of Staff, Jake Sullivan, and he swore under oath that Hillary Clinton did indeed use her private server to conduct State Department business. This is a major development because it confirms the fact that Hillary did knowingly use her private server to send and receive classified information.

This also blows apart Comey’s contention that Hillary did not knowingly send and receive classified materials on a server she knew to be illegal. Comey was wrong even with that limited definition of the Espionage Act – because you don’t have to prove intent, you only have to prove carelessness or gross negligence – and she did both.

Via Judicial Watch:

Sullivan said in the deposition that he had not been concerned about Clinton’s use of a non-government email account, because it was not part of his job:

Like Secretary Clinton has said herself, I wish she had used a State Department account. It wasn’t really part of my job to be thinking about Secretary Clinton’s emails so I don’t think I sort of fell down directly in my job, but do I wish I had thought of it during the time we were at State. Of course. I mean, what human being at this point wouldn’t have thought of that?

Sullivan’s deposition is part of United States District Judge Royce C. Lamberth’s order for senior officials — including Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Jacob Sullivan, and FBI official E.W. Priestap – to respond under oath to Judicial Watch questions.

A video of the Sullivan deposition exists but is under seal after the Justice Department and State Department, which opposed any discovery, objected to their public release. The court denied release of the video depositions for now and left the door open for reconsideration.

[T]he Court does not foreclose future releases of audiovisual recordings – in this or other cases. Judicial Watch may move to unseal portions of these recordings relied upon in future court filings. So too may it use the video recordings at trial, consistent with the Federal Rules of Evidence.

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