CNN’s S.E. Cupp Has A Meltdown When Trashed For Shaming Trump Supporters Over #JussieHoax

Something is seriously wrong at CNN.  It seems that every reporter/personality there has lost touch with reality.  Journalists go there to see their careers die.

I used to admire S.E. Cupp before she moved to CNN, and it’s painful to see her trashing “Trumpsters” who show they’re happy to see yet another Fake anti-Trump News story get exposed.  That’s what happened when Jussie Smollett’s story about him being attacked by Trump supporters fell apart.  At least we on the Right felt from the very beginning that there were many problems with his story, especially when you heard that he was allegedly being written off of Empire.   He is the Colin Kaepernick of Hollywood television.

Think about it.  U.S. senators tweeted about the attack.  Cory Booker said we should have anti lynching legislation drawn up.  As if lynching isn’t already against the law.

And all of it now looks like another leftist hoax perpetrated on the American people.

Will Booker et. al. apologize for jumping the gun?  Don’t hold your breath. In fact, I expect leftists to continue to push this story the way they push all the other debunked anti-Trump stories.  Afterall, we still have nitwits on the Left claiming Trump called all Mexicans rapists for goodness’ sake.

Cupp caught some backlash, and responded, proving she just doesn’t get it.

How about the fact that she referred to Trump supporters as “Trumpsters,” which believe me, isn’t going to make the average Trump supporter go run for a safe space, but the way she used the term was to be insulting.  We’re just Trump supporters who cling to their Bibles and their guns, right?

Revenge?  She went from giddiness to revenge.

Cupp must not grasp that you can still actually care about real racism, and at the same time be thankful when racism hoaxes are revealed.  Isn’t fighting racism hoaxes part of helping fight real racism?  Don’t racism hoaxes dilute real racism?  It’s no different than a fake rape story dilutes real rape stories, because people tend to judge the victims when so many innocent lives have been ruined by lies.

For over two years Trump supporters have been fed a lot of bullschtein about Russian collusion with the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.  It’s now finally coming out in the mainstream that what really happened was the Obama people didn’t want Trump to win, so they used the powers of their office and at their disposal to clear Hillary Clinton of her numerous crimes and frame Donald Trump (sounds like one of my favorite books).

The point is, we on the Right knew all along that these things were bogus, but the leftists in media continue to push the narrative, because they hate that Trump is dismantling their progressive world, and doing so quickly.

A true sign when a liberal understands they lost an argument is when they claim you’re boring them.

Now, she’s getting angry.

She’s “disappointed” that someone didn’t see a new narrative she just made up in the conversation.  That’s hilarious.

Next, she turned delusional.

So much for CJ being boring.  Here she responds to him again.

And then, in the true fashion of a liberal, after she gets nailed on her own hypocrisy, she declares victory.

And then she doubles down on not understanding why Trump supporters feel justified that the Smollett attack was exposed as a hoax.

Maybe, just maybe if Cupp were accused of being a racist person every single day by a collective of mental patients who work for news networks, simply because of who she supports politically, and was accused of committing hate crimes, she would get it.  Again, don’t hold your breath.

SOURCE: Twitchy

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