Comedy Central has Avi Yemini Deported [VIDEO]

Avi Yemini and Sydney Watson tried to enter the US, where Ari was scheduled to do interviews with Steve Crowder and Dave Rubin. But, it turns out that Comedy Central complained to the FBI and the Border Patrol about Yemini and Watson and said they were a threat to Jim Jeffries. As it turns out, Yemini was a threat to Jeffries – but not physically. It seems that Jeffries had interviewed Yemini a couple of months ago, but Yemini didn’t trust him, so he set up a phone to record the interview.

Jeffries edited the interview to make it appear that Yemini was a hater and someone who might cause violence against Muslims. And when the cameras were off, he mocked the prophet. Yemini exposed Jeffries in his native Australia and it’s quite likely they did not want to be exposed in the much larger US market. So, Avi was put on a plane by the FBI and Border Patrol and sent back to Australia without ever leaving the airport.

From TR News

On April 11, 2019, at 6:30 am, Avi Yemini and Sydney Watson were detained at LAX International Airport in Los Angeles California.

Border Protection agents and the FBI were waiting for Yemini and Watson after their passports had been scanned at customs. Yemini was told details relating to his visa needed to be updated and Watson was told her dual Australian and American passports needed to be checked.


Yemini was taken to a room where two FBI agents were waiting to interrogate him and Watson was taken to an area where her bags were searched, she was questioned by border patrol agents and her passports were taken from her.

The FBI were investigating several complaints made by Comedy Central about Yemini and Watson’s plans in the United States.

Comedy Central and comedian Jim Jefferies produced dishonest media about Yemini, prompting Watson and Yemini’s visit to the United States to investigate further.

The FBI said they were grateful to Watson and Yemini for their cooperation. They stated that they don’t believe they pose a threat and understood why they wanted entry to the U.S.

Watson was released after two hours of detainment. She was told Yemini had to complete additional paperwork, then he would be released. She asked if she could stay until this happened. Watson was made to leave the area and was refused access to Yemini.

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