Cory Booker Introduces Reparations Bill In U.S. Senate

Drama queen Senator and 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful Cory Booker (D-NJ) introduced legislation this week to create a federal panel to study the implementation of reparations for the descendants of slaves prior to the American Civil War in 1861.

I fully understand that this is a sensitive subject, even in 2019, but I cannot help to see it as yet another political ploy for votes.

Conservatives have to start to take the subject of reparations seriously, because the Left is already taking it seriously.  Progressive Democrats are making an issue out of it to do one thing; get black voters who walked away from the Democrat Party to come back.  I believe it will backfire, because unlike Booker and others who are jumping on the reparations bandwagon, I believe black voters who participated in Blexit and/or the #WalkAway movement are smart enough to know a scam when they see one.

“This bill is a way of addressing head-on the persistence of racism, white supremacy, and implicit racial bias in our country. It will bring together the best minds to study the issue and propose solutions that will finally begin to right the economic scales of past harms and make sure we are a country where all dignity and humanity is affirmed,” said Booker.

We’re supposed to believe the Democrat Party cares deeply about racism when they can’t even condemn the racism of one of its own members in the House of Representatives, Ilhan Omar?

“Implicit racial bias” is a term used to blame white people for racism when they don’t even have racist intentions.  Think about that.  Using the concept of implicit racism you can blame anyone who disagrees with you of racism.

“Since slavery in this country, we have had overt policies fueled by white supremacy and racism that have oppressed African-Americans economically for generations,” Booker added. “Many of our bedrock domestic policies that have ushered millions of Americans into the middle class have systematically excluded blacks through practices like GI Bill discrimination and redlining.”

What we have had is Democrat policies that have screwed black Americans over since the existence of the party, and in the last 60 years they have tried to convince Americans that the Republicans are the racists, even though Republicans don’t have a history of proposing racist legislation that overtly attacks black Americans.  The Republican party – the abolitionist party – has never changed its position on civil rights since its creation.  Booker’s Democrat Party can not make the same claims.  I’m not saying that Republicans don’t have a history of flaws, I’m simply saying they have done nothing remotely close to the racist history of the Democrat Party.

What the Left has today is a masterful propaganda machine that finds clever ways to insinuate it’s the Republicans who are the racists.  And they have willing accomplices in the fake news industry who are only too happy to fill American living rooms up with that kind of manipulative garbage filtered in a way that passes for journalism these days.

A great example of this would be what happened in Charlottesville, VA in August of 2017, when a riot broke out over the taking down of a Confederate statue and the renaming of the park in which it stood.  We had soldiers of ANTIFA, created by the Democrats, fighting against members of the KKK, created by the Democrats, over the taking down of a Confederate statue, created by the Democrats, and somehow the Left and the fake news wanted you to believe it was all Donald Trump’s fault.  They even went so far as to edit the video of Trump’s speech he gave after the riot, where he said there were good people on both sides.  Fake news edited out where Trump said, “I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.”  To this day Democrats like Booker claim Trump said neo-Nazis were good people.

Race hustlers like Booker act like nothing has been done to help descendants of slavery.  The country has implemented programs like Affirmative Action, government set aside programs, and a little thing called the American Civil War.

My point is if we’re going to endeavor to lump all white Americans against all black Americans over the sins of slavery, then the targets for reparations should be members of the Democrat Party as they were 100% responsible for slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow.   I say this, because the reparations crowd essentially wants some form of payment for the sins of Democrats’ past.  In 1860, right before the start of the Civil War, all 4 million slaves in the United States were owned by Democrats.  Not a single slave was owned by a Republican.  The Democrat Party is the party of slavery.  The Democrat Party is the party of Jim Crow.  The Democrat Party is the party of segregation, and the party that continued the plantation formula in the cities they have controlled and run down for a hundred years.

Progressives are pushing for reparations, at this point in our history, for nothing more than a way to stir up angst, resentment, bitterness, and anger, to divide us as a nation, and set race relations back decades just to gain power, because the more race relations improve in American society the less relevant race hustlers like Cory Booker become.

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