Democrat and Republican Treason Compromise Includes MS-13’s Favorite Pipeline Into the US

Nancy Pelosi has made sure that her lovers, MS-13, (who have a spark of divinity, you know) now have an open pipeline into the United States using their favorite method of riding on the coattails of other MS-13 gang members who come in as unaccompanied minors. Once a member gets accepted as an unaccompanied minor, he can bring his “relatives” into the country. This is the fault of both the Democrats and the Republicans – and President Trump as well if he agrees to this. I’m seriously thinking of staying home in 2020 if this passes and nothing changes because both parties are turning out to be exactly the same. The Democrats run Congress even when they are the minority.

From Breitbart News

A Republican-Democrat spending bill being offered to President Trump provides a de facto amnesty pipeline for all illegal alien household members of MS-13 gang members who arrive in the United States as “Unaccompanied Alien Children” (UACs).

As part of a bipartisan “compromise” spending package, lawmakers included provisions that prevent federal immigration officials from deporting anyone who has close contact with UACs who are readily resettled throughout the U.S. with so-called “sponsors” after being trafficked across the southern border.

These sponsors are often times illegal alien relatives, in many cases parents, of UACs. Federal officials have repeatedly noted how the UAC program has been widely used by the MS-13 gang to import more gang members into the country.

Last year, New York City Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official Angel Melendez said there are roughly 22,000 UAC “potential recruits” who are resettled across the country every year out of about 40,000 total UACs. These are mostly young men trafficked across the southern border from Central America, especially El Salvador.

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