Democrat Logic: Dianne Feinstein Blames Trump For California’s High State Taxes

California dingbat Senator Dianne Feinstein, in a genuinely bizarre rant, took the occasion of Tax Day to blame her state’s crushing tax burden on President Trump, saying the Trump administration’s “tax cuts for the wealthy” were based on the backs of “middle-class families.”

Whenever you hear a Democrat use the dinosaur phrase “tax cuts for the wealthy,” or any variation of it, you can be sure you’re being fed a line of bullfeinstein.

“Nearly a million California households will pay more this #TaxDay thanks to President Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy. Middle-class families are being forced to pay more so the rich and large corporations get a tax cut they don’t need,” posted Feinstein on social media.

California is feeling the same pain as New York this tax season.  Here’s what’s really going on.  Years ago progressive Democrats in D.C. created special loopholes for progressive states’ rich residents.  The progressive states were able to create high state tax rates to pay for all the worthless government in their state, and their rich people were allowed to write the amount they paid for their state taxes off their federal income taxes.  That meant that the rest of us had to subsidize progressive states’ rich residents!  Right now, California’s top state income tax rate is 12.3 percent!  The tax write-off was one of the biggest Democrat scams that went on for decades.  President Trump ended that special tax program for wealthy Democrats because it was unfair to the rest of the country.

And now, leftist politicians like Dianne Feinstein and NY Governor Mario Cuomo want to blame Trump for their own states’ outrageously high tax rates.  That’s insane!

The solution for California and other progressive states is to lower their state tax rates.  Stop spending gobbles of money to win votes.

Many people already understand this and have chimed in on Feinstein’s tweet thread:

In a reference to Nancy Pelosi’s comments about the Trump tax cuts, one Twitter user chimed in on paying less taxes:

After what Feinstein did to Brett Kavanaugh and his family last year during his confirmation hearing, I am surprised she has the gall to say anything publicly.  I wonder if the Chinese spy who worked for the senator for 20 years also got a tax cut?

Feinstein’s tweet comes just as California’s state government is considering creating a whole new series of taxes on millions of residents; including fees on drinking water, pain medications, attorneys, gas, and a lot more.  Progressive Democrats will never learn.

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