Dirty Cop Andrew Weissmann Previously Admonished By Court for Threatening People From Telling the Truth

In the ENRON prosecution, Andrew Weissmann threatened witnesses for the defense. He told them that if they testified, they would be indicted. His win-at-any-cost strategy in that case destroyed the prestigious accounting firm, Arthur Anderson, and put them out of business despite the fact they never committed any crimes of any kind. Eighty-five thousand employees lost their jobs worldwide. In the Exxon trial, he used a made-up crime to put five people in prison, but after a year, it was discovered that Weissmann had committed a Brady violation and did not give exculpatory evidence to the defense. All five were released from prison and their records expunged.




From The Gateway Pundit

Recently uncovered documents from the DOJ’s Enron case in the early 2000’s show that sleazy Andrew Weissmann, dirty cop Robert Mueller’s top attorney, intimidated witnesses and threatened them when they told the truth.

One of the best Internet sleuths on Twitter, Techno Fog, recently requested and uncovered information on the government’s case with Enron from the early 2000s.  Robert Mueller was head of the FBI, and the person in charge of the government’s case was Andrew Weissmann.

Weissmann was a crook who never should have been prosecuting anyone.  Attorneys and authors Gregg Jarrett and Sydney Powell were on the Sean Hannity radio show and discussed Mueller’s creepy prosecutor Weissmann and the corrupt Mueller investigation.

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