Georgia Gov Race Loser Stacey Abrams Tells New York Audience ‘We Won’

During the final 2016 presidential debate, the liberal moderators asked Donald Trump if he would go on the record, right then and there, that he would automatically accept the election results.  Only a mindless idiot would say yes to a question like that, and Trump is not a mindless idiot.

They wanted Trump to agree so that even if there were evidence of voter fraud for Clinton, they would hold Trump accountable to his response.

Remember how the Left collectively lost their minds?

And then Trump won, and two plus years later the Democrats still have not accepted the results of the election.  Hillary Clinton went on the longest book tour in the history of book tours, each week blaming everyone and everything, including humidity, for why she lost to Trump.

The liberals lost their minds back then, and they haven’t gotten any better since.

We have another delusional Democrat who lost a race fair and square but cannot accept the election results five months after the election.

Stacey Abrams, the Democrat candidate who ran for Governor of Georgia, ran as a progressive – IN GEORGIA! – and still cannot believe she lost to conservative Republican Brian Kemp.  To this day she has not conceded the race to Kemp.  She used legalese-speak gobbledygook to say she understands she did not win, but she refused to accept that Kemp, who beat her fair and square, won the race.  The wheels on her bus do not go round and round.

On Wednesday, at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) Convention 2019, Abrams made the following statement:

“We had this little election back in 2018. And despite the final tally and the inauguration and the situation we find ourselves in, I do have one very affirmative statement to make. We won.”


No, Brian Kemp won, fair and square and legally.  Stacey Abrams lost, fair and square and legally.  Kemp got 1,978,408 votes or 50.2 percent of the vote, while Abrams received 1,923,685 or 48.8 percent.  It was a close race, but with mathematics still in play, Kemp received the higher number of votes.  And that’s after a Libertarian candidate probably siphoned a little under 1 percent away from Kemp.

Abrams may be a pioneer in the new way Democrats handle future election losses; they never concede.

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