GOP Rep Collins: Loretta Lynch has a Lot of Explaining to Do

Loretta Lynch could be in real trouble. In her testimony, Lisa page said that the FBI was considering charges against Hillary Clinton for violating the Espionage Act. But then the DOJ stepped in and ordered them not to.  This came right after the tarmac meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton and right before the Hillary campaign said that Hillary would probably ask her to stay on in the administration. Neither one considered the possibility that Hillary would lose to President Trump. The lawmaker now wants Loretta Lynch to come in and answer why the DOJ ordered the FBI not to pursue charges.

From Breitbart News

Collins said former Attorney General Loretta Lynch “has some explaining to do” over Clinton not being charged with gross negligence.

“Loretta Lynch has some explaining to do, because what we have seen now is that, beforehand, she was giving — she not only told Mr. Comey that this wasn’t an investigation, to consider it a matter, which is an interesting way of putting it, but also now we’re seeing from Lisa Page’s own testimony that the Department of Justice, which she headed, was saying gross negligence is not the standard that’s going to be used here,” Collins told Bartiromo.

He added, “They began to import what’s called intent, which is not part of the law. … Early on, from April/May, and we know from May, when Mr. Comey started writing, the group together came together, and they were going to look at gross negligence, but then began to write an exoneration of Mrs. Clinton long before they ever even interviewed her. So, we know this was coming from the top.”

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