GOP Senators Want To See Memo Hidden By FBI on Hillary Investigation

During the Hillary investigation, there was a memo written that says it had to be investigated before they could complete the probe, yet the FBI ignored it and exonerated Hillary. I’m just guessing here, but I wonder if this is about the hacking of Hillary’s email server by a Chinese company. If they had investigated, they would have had to charge Hillary with a violation of the Espionage Act, and the DOJ had already ordered the FBI not to consider those charges. It fits the evidence. We already know that Peter Strzok was told that Hillary’s emails were hacked but that he did nothing about it. That memo would be the solid proof needed for a prosecution.

From The Daily Caller

The Republican chairmen of three Senate committees are pressing Attorney General William Barr for details about “highly classified information” that the FBI declined to investigate as part of the Hillary Clinton email probe.

According to the Republicans, the FBI drafted a memo in May 2016 saying that the information was “necessary” to complete the investigation into Clinton’s handling of classified information on her private email server.

But as the Justice Department inspector general found in a report released last year, the FBI declined to take up the matter before closing the Clinton investigation in July 2016.

The trio of senators wants to know why.

The inspector general’s finding “raises significant issues associated with the FBI’s failure to review certain highly classified information in support of its Midyear investigation,” reads the letter to Barr, signed by GOP Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, the chairmen of the Senate Judiciary, Finance and Homeland Security Committees, respectively.

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