Illegal Alien Accused Conservative Activist of Stalking – and Then This Was Discovered

An illegal alien woman was trying to get a U-visa. She filed an affidavit, saying that she had eight encounters with the activist, Codias Brown, all around Austin, Texas, where they both live. She used the accusation to lay claim on a U-visa in order to remain in this country. The illegal alien, Rosa Patino-Herrera, committed fraud on this country’s immigration system and is said to be deported and ordered to never return. Meanwhile, Brown is trying to get the U-visa shut down because it gives illegals incentive to commit fraud. What she didn’t count on was police checking the GPS on Brown’s phone to prove he was nowhere near her in any of the 8 cases she cited.

From The Daily Caller

A longtime conservative operative is calling on the Trump administration to reform the country’s visa laws after he was falsely accused of a crime he said an illegal alien charged likely in order to score a visa.

A woman in late 2016 claimed Codias Brown harassed and exposed himself to her over a two-week period and said he was seeking her out in public places, according to an arrest affidavit. The accuser, Rosa Patino-Herrera, claimed she encountered Brown — someone she didn’t know personally — around eight different times and believed he was seeking her out around the city of Austin, where he also lived.

During the court proceedings, Patino-Herrera admitted she was an illegal immigrant. Work from a private investigator also discovered she was actively seeking a U-visa. Brown’s legal team believes she accused him in order to obtain a U-visa.

Brown, now completely exonerated of the charges, is using his experience to push for reform. The Republican organizer is calling on President Donald Trump and lawmakers in Congress to block the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act until it’s changed to mandate a criminal conviction before the issuance of a U-visa. Such an amendment, he argues, would incorporate constitutional due process rights not currently embedded in the U-visa application process. 

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