Is it all Over? Jussie Smollett hires One of Country’s Best Criminal Attorneys

This casts an ominous shadow over the entire hate attack story. Why would a victim hire a criminal defense attorney unless he is expecting charges? Add to that the two brothers who were facing arrest while they were still in custody were let go because of information they gave the police. If it was a setup, there would be nothing to charge them with. But they could charge Smollett to at least get the money back they spent looking for nonexistent attackers. He could also spend some quality time behind bars, although I would expect that to be a short sentence.

From The Gateway Pundit


Police raided the home of the two persons of interest Wednesday night. Police took bleach, shoes, electronics and more. Both men are of Nigerian descent and appeared on the show ‘Empire.’

Later Thursday it was reported by both ABC 7 Chicago and CBS Chicago that top sources are saying the MAGA hate crime against Smollett was staged.

Fox 32 reporter Rafer Weigel: High-profile #Chicago defense attorney Michael Monico let it be known he was representing #JussieSmollett on @RoeConn radio show today. Monico also represents #MichaelCohen. He’s considered one of the best defense lawyers in the country.

According to Chicago Police, no charges have been filed against the two Nigerian brother yet and Jussie Smollett is still considered a “victim” in the case.

“There will be no press conference in the Empire case,” Chicago Police spox Anthony Gugliemi said Friday evening, adding, “At this hours, individuals are still talking to detectives.”

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