Maxine Waters To Trump: ‘We’re Going To Get Your Tax Returns!’ [Video]

Maxine Waters continues to push the idea that somewhere, somehow, they are going to find some kind of dirt on President Trump to bring his presidency to an end. Among her favorite topics is the issue of his tax returns. Her conviction seems to be that if the returns are made public, there will be no doubt about the error of his ways and that he will be removed from office.

This from Breitbart:

Last weekend at a Martin Luther King event in Missouri, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) vowed to get President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Waters said, “I’m not backing down from the fact that we have contributed so much to this democracy. We have sent our men and our women to war, who fought for this country and came home and didn’t have a place to live. They didn’t have a job, but they saluted the American flag, and they fought for this country.”

She continued, “And you think I’m going to let you stand by — someone who’s done nothing but steal, and lie, and undermine. We’re going to get your tax returns. We’re going to find out.”

Source: Breitbart News

I see this as just another classic line from the Democrat playbook in which they deflect the public’s attention and to focus on someone besides themselves. She wants us to forget that she was the one standing in front of the microphone, inciting people to attack conservatives wherever they may be spotted. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was the recipient of so much harassment by the left that it became necessary for her to have Secret Service protection.

It’s a sad day to see our congressional leaders be so consumed with hate for a sitting president. They are so blinded by their own corruption and greed that they don’t recognize their actions and words are exposing the very corruption in themselves that they are seeking to attach to the president. I think it’s time to Drain The Swamp!



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