Media, Hollywood and Democrats Fall for a Doctored Video Debunked a Year Ago

What do you do when you doctor a video falsely and get caught perpetrating a lie? You wait one year and then you do it again, because let’s face it, neither the media, Hollywood or Democrats are really bright. Last year, a video was doctored to make it look like President Trump was calling asylum seekers animals. But, with the unedited video, it shows that he was speaking about MS-13. There were some red faces when the deception was debunked, yet here we are, one short year later and they have now released the doctored video once again. The liberals have fallen for the same trick again.

From The Daily Caller

Democrats and members of the establishment media fell for a viral clip purporting that President Donald Trump called asylum seekers “animals” on Friday at an immigration roundtable.

In reality, the clip in question is from an event in May 2018 when the president was clearly referring to members of the MS-13 gang as “animals.” At the time, CSPAN posted a deceptively edited clip that cut out someone else’s remark about MS-13 that the president responded to, making it sound like Trump was talking about immigrants more generally. 

The shortened clip was reposted on Friday by Twitter user Mark Elliot, who falsely claimed that the president was referring to “people asking for asylum” and did not indicate that Trump’s remarks were not new.

“We have people coming into the country…You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people. These are animals,” Trump said in the video.


The fact that Trump held an immigration roundtable on Friday in Texas only added to the confusion of people who believed the remarks were said recently. Just as many members of the media fell for the old CSPAN clip last May, a number of Democrats, journalists, and pundits began tweeting angrily about the president’s “new” comments.

Liberals losing their minds over doctored video:

Ben Rhodes (Twitter Screenshot)

Judd Apatow, Chris Hayes (Twitter Screenshot)

Pete Buttigieg (Twitter Screenshot)

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (Twitter Screenshot)

Tony Ponsanski (Twitter Screenshot)

For the record, Trump didn’t call white supremacists “fine people.”

Brian Klaas (Twitter Screenshot)

Ana Navarro (Twitter Screenshot)

These people are all liars or fools. Some, like Ana Navarro, are both.

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