Michael Cohen Had a Secret Agenda With Trump in Politics

According to sources who spoke with the Stamford Advocate, Michael Cohen had a secret agenda if Trump should enter politics. At one time, people were trying to get Donald Trump to run for governor of New York. Cohen began feeling people out on himself running for mayor of NYC. He figured that with Trump as governor, it would give him a huge boost. I have no reason to doubt the reporting because we already know that Cohen tried to enrich himself by making companies believe he could wield influence over Trump. But, he couldn’t deliver, because President Trump is not a politician and couldn’t be bought.

From The Stamford Advocate

“So Michael,” Trump would say, “you get us a date on the calendar.”

Soon enough, no one in the billionaire’s coterie was more enthusiastic than Cohen about the prospect of a Governor Trump. Albany, Cohen believed, was a great opportunity not only for his boss but also, as it happened, for himself.

After the meetings, Cohen would adjourn to his office at Trump Tower to plan next steps with Michael Caputo, the Republican strategist plotting Trump’s gubernatorial campaign. But Cohen surprised Caputo by talking about his own political aspirations. He told Caputo he had always wanted to run for mayor of New York City, a race he said he could win if Trump was governor.

At one point, Cohen floated the idea of a Trump-Cohen statewide ticket, an idea Caputo considered as absurd as Cohen running for mayor. “He kept bringing it up,” Caputo said. “It went from Michael Cohen interested in running for mayor to, well, ‘I’ll run for lieutenant governor under Donald Trump.’ I didn’t want to disabuse him of it, because he was our liaison. I felt like, ‘Yeah, OK Michael.’ “

Yet, even while doting on “Mr. Trump,” as he called his boss, Cohen was squarely focused on his own ambitions. Trump was Cohen’s ticket to greater wealth, TV appearances and Page Six, the New York Post’s daily serving of intel about Manhattan’s jet set. Theirs was a relationship Cohen could boast about to anyone he encountered, including childhood friends from Long Island, some of whom said they did not expect him to amount to anything extraordinary.

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