NAILED:AOC Gets Caught in Huge Lie But keeps Lying About it Anyway

AOC claims that her Green New Deal proposal did not include money for those unwilling to work. Shortly after it was posted to her website, they took it down over that line. That’s when AOC lied and blamed it on the Republicans, saying they doctored the document.   But, evidently she isn’t smart enough to know about Wayback or to know that people made copies before it was taken down. She even made the claim that one of her advisors went on with Tucker Carlson, who called Carlson on his “lies”.

From The Gateway Pundit

But it was a lie.
And Ocasio-Cortez knew it was a lie.

The actual document DID come straight off the AOC website.
The document was created by Saikat Chakrabarti, her chief of staff!

The metadata proves it.

Friendly Gabriel Malor@gabrielmalor

Journalists should not be referring to an FAQ posted on AOC’s own website as a “mystery FAQ.”

We know where it came from. We know what was in it. And we know AOC’s staff are now lying about it. Sorry, journos.

Jon Lech Johansen@jonlech

Mystery document authored by *checks PDF properties*… AOC’s Chief of Staff.


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OAC is gaslighting people.


There was one doctored one and that was only one line and obviously fake to anyone but a liberal.

Wake Up America! If they lie, they’ll cheat and steal too…

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