New Migrant Caravan Had 25 MS-13 Members – They Have Now Been Deported

Once again we have more proof that the migrant caravans are being exploited by vicious criminals as a coverup and distraction to gain entry into the USA. MS-13 may be on Nancy Pelosi’s “warm-and-fuzzy” list, but they certainly aren’t on President Trump’s. Just this past week another group of the gang’s infiltrators were discovered and subsequently deported, which is as it should be.

This from Fox News:

At least 25 people affiliated with the MS-13 gang were deported from Mexico after they were revealed to be concealed within the caravan of 1,600 Central American migrants just across the U.S. border, immigration officials said Tuesday.

The caravan first arrived in Piedras Negras, Mexico, two weeks ago across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas, when officials from the Instituto Nacional de Migración identified 10 gang members from Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13.

But after warehouse scuffles with police last week, officials discovered and deported 15 additional MS-13 “agitators,” INM Media Deputy Director Aline Juarez told Fox News.

In addition to the gang members, a total of 70 Central American migrants have been deported to their home countries, while about 1,500 have been granted humanitarian visas to move freely within Mexico.

News of the deportations was first reported by Mexican state news agency Notimex. The news agency reported that deportations came after issues at a shelter in the border city of Piedras Negras.

On Saturday, officials said the shelter where hundreds of Central American migrants have been confined would be closed by Wednesday.

Coahuila State Public Safety Secretary Jose Luis Pliego told the Associated Press that authorities have taken some 400 migrants to neighboring states such as Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas to be incorporated into the workforce, while others may seek other options to try to cross into the United States.

Some migrants still at the shelter said they were not being allowed to come and go despite holding the permits, and they hope to leave as soon as possible for fear of possible deportation.

“I don’t feel safe here,” Donaldo, a Honduran migrant who declined to give his last name, told the AP.

The migrants have wanted to appear at the U.S. border to apply for asylum, but only about a dozen per day have been allowed to do so.

Source: Fox News

Isn’t that just the way of the Left? Like so many other instances, once again we see how they like to play on our sympathies with Politically Correct labels to get us to show mercy on the “poor, starving refugees escaping from a terrible situation.”

The part they always fail to mention is that the “terrible situation” in the home country has at its roots the socialism they want to force on the rest of us. MS-13 is just one arm of many criminal agents that are doing their very best to bring this country into subjection of the One World Government.



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