Nunes Files $150 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against McClatchy

Devin Nunes was on Fox News to discuss his 150 million dollar lawsuit against McClatchy News. Nunes called McClatchy one of the biggest offenders in perpetrating the Russian hoax. He also has a lawsuit against Twitter and says he plans on going after many more of the fake news media in an effort to force them to clean up their act. McClatchy not only perpetrated a hoax on its readers, but they also defamed the NRA and Nunes himself.

Nunes said:

“[A] couple of reporters there were the biggest perpetrators of the Russia hoax. And don’t forget — they also targeted the National Rifle Association. They targeted a lawyer, Cleta Mitchell. So, all of this was done in concert while they were slandering and attacking me, defaming me, attacking Republicans. And the whole time, they were getting this information from someone. And so part of this lawsuit is not only do they need to retract everything they did against me, but they also need to come clean with the American people. Retract all of their fake news stories. And so this is part of the broader clean-up.”

“Remember a few weeks ago, I filed against Twitter — that they were censoring conservatives. McClatchy is one of the biggest offenders of this. But we’re coming after the rest of them. I think people are just beginning to wake up now. I’m serious. I’m coming to clean up all of the mess. So, if you’re out there and you lied, and you defamed, we’re going to come after you.”

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