Nunes: Lisa Page’s Testimony Confirms Conspiracy to Protect Hillary

Rep Devin Nunes says that after Lisa Page’s testimony that the Loretta Lynch DOJ ordered the FBI not to charge Hillary with a violation of the Espionage Act, is proof that there was a major conspiracy to protect Hillary and to keep her candidacy viable in the 2016 presidential election. He says it will take a lot of work to restore the reputations of the FBI and the DOJ. Personally, I think it would be much easier to shut them both down and start from scratch because it would make it much easier to weed out the Deep State.

From The Daily Caller

Nunes was asked on “America’s Newsroom” about former GOP Rep. John Ratcliffe of Texas who tweeted out an excerpt of Page’s closed-door testimony before Congress. Ratcliffe said he asked Page if she was being ordered by the DOJ to avoid charging Clinton, and her answer was yes.


“I think it’s very significant. Look it’s never made any sense,” Nunes told Fox News. “If anyone in the military or anybody in the intelligence community, including people within the FBI, if they were to leak like that, they would be fired. They would be in prison. They would be prosecuted.”

Host Bill Hemmer also asked Nunes to respond to former FBI Director James Comey’s comments about the investigation.

“I’m not sure what credibility Comey has left. I mean, he went out and sold a book,” he said. “This guy brought tremendous disgrace on the FBI. We are still trying to get to the bottom and clean up what has been a total disaster for the FBI and DOJ. And we’re a long way from getting it cleaned up to get the FBI and Department of Justice back on track so that the American people have confidence in their capabilities.”



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