Oregon Driver Who Was Attacked By Antifa Facing Charges

An Oregon driver who was attacked by Antifa as he sat inside his truck – because they didn’t like the American flags on his truck – will now be charged with four crimes. Billy Wilson attended an event that was put on by the Proud Boys in Vancouver, Washington in September 2017. Their purpose was to raise funds for firefighters working on the wildfires – a laudable endeavor unless you are a liberal who hates the fire department as much as you hate the police and the United States.

As he was leaving the venue for the fundraiser, Antifa began pelting his truck with anything they could throw. He backed up his truck for two blocks rather than drive through the mass of fascists. They followed him, and just as they were getting ready to attack again, he drove through a red light to get away. The police immediately pulled him over. That’s the same police that stood by idly as Wilson was being attacked.

From The Gateway Pundit

Billy Wilson attended an event in Vancouver, Washington, in September 2017 put on by pro-Trump organization Patriot Prayer. It was a fundraiser to help the firefighters who had been battling forest fires throughout the northwest. Regardless of the good-hearted gesture, far left Antifa protesters from Portland turned up to cause trouble.

As Wilson was leaving the event, several protesters proceeded to accost him in the parking lot, stalking him as he was trying to leave.

His initial offense to the protesters? Several American flags on his truck. No Trump stickers, no Confederate flags, not even a Gadsden flag.

As Wilson made it to the street, dozens of protesters followed him down the road, eventually cornering him off as he was navigating the side roads to get onto the freeway. They began to throw objects at his truck, denting the body.

Rather than drive through the protesters who were in the street illegally and blocking his path, Wilson reversed his truck to get away, and went backwards up the street for 2 blocks to the next stop light.

The masked gang continued to follow him as he tried to take a different route.

Stuck behind a few cars in front of him, and waiting for another light to turn green, Wilson found himself and his vehicle again under attack by Antifa. This time Wilson hit the gas and slid over into the next lane, driving through a red light to get away. That’s when a police cruiser dashed in front of him, sirens blaring. Police in riot gear rushed in as well. Wilson was pulled from his vehicle and handcuffed.

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