Rep Devin Nunes: Will Go Over Russiagate and Make Criminal Referrals to the DOJ

Devin Nunes spoke to the Hill’s Buck Sexton, saying GOP lawmakers are sifting through the transcripts and are looking at people who lied under oath. They will then send them to the DOJ as criminal referrals. I assume, it will include James Clapper, John Brennan, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS. It’s about time that Democrats are held accountable for their crimes. Thankfully AWOL Jeff Sessions is no longer there to run interference. There could be other charges, but not all of the transcripts have been released, so we have no idea what they actually have.

From The Gateway Pundit

We’re continuing to work with the task force that was set up late last year between the Judiciary Committee and the Oversight Committee that was led by Goodlatte and Gowdy with our recommendations,” Devin Nunes told The Hill TV’s Buck Sexton.

“We will be continuing that task force, except at that the House Intelligence Committee Republicans will be involved,” Nunes continued.

“We’re now combing through the transcripts that came last year from the roughly 15 interviews or so. We’ll comb through those and we will be sending those recommendations on to the Department of Justice when the timing is appropriate,” he said.

Buck Sexton asked Congressman Nunes where the Mueller investigation is going to end up regarding President Trump and Russian collusion.

“They’re not going to find any Russian collusion,” Nunes said, adding, “As we’ve known from the very beginning the Mueller team was stacked with hard partisans and two were fired — Strzok and Page were fired.”

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