REPORT: Muslim ‘Community Patrol’ Formed In Brooklyn, NY

For some time now we have been on the alert for the growing influence of those who consider the “religion of peace” their personal choice. We have reason to be on guard, because those who practice said religion, specifically the extremists, adhere to the principles of the core Shari’a beliefs, which is diametrically opposed to the standards and laws of the USA.

We came across this report recently about a community patrol being formed in Brooklyn, New York, organized with the specific intent to help protect the Muslim population in that city. New York City has nearly 800,000 of them at last count. That’s 22% of the known population of the entire city, or more than one-fifth. The patrol is planned as a sort of supplement to the New York City Police Department.

This from NYT:

Muslims Form Community Patrol. Some Neighbors Say No, Thanks.

The self-funded group sees itself as a neighborhood watch. But there was alarm after its cars were spotted in Brooklyn without warning, or explanation.

Noor Rabah, vice president of Muslim Community Patrol & Services, outside the Police Department’s 72nd Precinct, with a car the group intends to use to patrol neighborhoods in Brooklyn. CreditCreditJames Keivom for The New York Times

Maeen Ali remembers the worry he felt when he first spotted the “Punish a Muslim Day” screed online.

The letter, mailed last spring throughout England, encouraged violence that ranged from pulling off a woman’s head scarf to bombing mosques. Each attack, the letter instructed, would be rewarded with points. The hate campaign prompted the police in New York and other big cities to expand patrols around mosques and Islamic centers on the specified day.

Mr. Ali, who lives in Downtown Brooklyn, said he was consumed by thoughts of his four children’s safety.

“That just boiled inside of me,” said Mr. Ali, 38, who moved to the United States from Yemen in 1990. “That’s when I said to myself that it was really important to come out and protect Muslims in the community.”

He added, “I have to stand up.”

As it turns out, he will spend most of his time sitting — in a white Ford Taurus that is detailed to look like a police squad car with red and white emergency lights.

Mr. Ali is among the first 30 members of the all-volunteer Muslim Community Patrol & Services that is preparing to operate in neighborhoods in Brooklyn, with a goal of growing its fleet of two cars to five by the end of the month and eventually expanding citywide. The group recently held a training led by off-duty officers from the Police Department’s 72nd Precinct.

“It’s like a neighborhood watch but on steroids,” said Noor Rabah, the group’s 31-year-old vice president who lives in Sunset Park.

As word of the new patrol has begun to spread, the backlash has been swift, even among some members of the Muslim community who have criticized the lack of information, and even questioned the need for the patrol.

Like the Shomrim that patrols largely Hasidic neighborhoods in Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Asian Safety Patrol that operates mainly in Sunset Park, the new group — believed to be the first of its kind in the country — hopes to function as extra sets of eyes and ears for the police.

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The unarmed civilian patrol will offer translation services — its members are fluent in any of seven languages — explain cultural nuances, report suspicious activity, respond to traffic accidents and even help in searches for the missing. The patrol has the support of Brooklyn’s borough president, Eric L. Adams, and Assistant Chief Brian J. Conroy, the commanding officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South.

“More than buildings went down in 9/11. Trust between communities went down,” Mr. Adams said. “We are building it back one brick at a time, and this patrol is one of those bricks.”

Sami Razi, right, president of the new patrol group, and Imam Nazrul Islam, a member, spoke last week before a training session at Al-Madinah School in Brooklyn.CreditJames Keivom for The New York Times

Leaders said the group is self-funded and used donations to purchase the cars and navy blue uniforms for its members, many of whom are involved with the Muslim Community Center in Sunset Park.

Volunteers plan to work in shifts, watching over arrival and dismissal times at three Islamic schools in Brooklyn and conducting patrols from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., mostly near mosques and bus and subway stops in Bay Ridge and Sunset Park, where there are large Muslim populations. It will also link residents to food pantries, mentorship programs and counseling services. It aims to serve anyone who needs help, Mr. Rabah said, not just Muslims.

“Presence is prevention,” Mr. Rabah said. “Just us being around should deter the average criminal mind of doing something to harm another person.”

But in a world where  far-right conspiracy theories have inspired terror plots against an Islamic enclave in upstate New York, and a travel ban has blocked residents of predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States, nothing, it seems, is that simple.

Organizers said they were prepared for skeptics.

But they did not expect the vitriol unleashed when a photo of their new, double-parked patrol cars on Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge turned up Dec. 21 on Facebook, and later on Instagram. The hostility spread after a far-right Canadian website, Rebel Media, posted a snippet on YouTube. The ugly online comments included accusations that the group was a stalking horse for Shariah law, and worse.

“I expected some sort of, ‘Wait, what is that?’ but not, ‘Wait, what the hell is that?’ Mr. Rabah said. “There’s a big difference.”

Some in the Muslim community were equally startled, but for a different reason: The cars’ resemblance to New York City police cruisers stoked anxieties rather than allayed them.

Somia Elrowmeim, the adult education and women’s empowerment manager at the Arab American Association of New York, based in Bay Ridge, said a single misstep from the patrol could reflect poorly on the city’s entire Muslim community. She said more outreach to community leaders was essential before patrols began operating.

Until then, Ms. Elrowmeim, 34, offered this message: “We don’t want you near our community.”

The 68th Precinct, serving Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights, fielded a flurry of calls from concerned residents after the social media posts, leading police officials to hold an introductory meeting with Muslim Community Patrol members to discuss parameters: Call 911 if they encounter something suspicious, and take no enforcement action on their own. “We expect them to follow the law in general,” a Police Department spokesman said.

No date has been finalized for the start of patrols, Mr. Rabah said. Before the rollout, members will attend community board meetings to explain the patrol’s mission and to answer questions from residents. On Friday, the group met with members of the influential Arab American Association of New York, whose vice president, Habib Joudeh, had said he was not told about the patrol group until after the backlash prompted by the photo of the car.

“You have to inform people of what’s going on first,” Mr. Joudeh said.

Unlike the Shomrim, which patrols in vehicles and on foot, the Muslim patrol will operate only from patrol cars, Mr. Rabah said.

“We know our place: We are not cops,” he said. “We are simply patrollers for the community that also serve as the eyes and ears for the N.Y.P.D.”

Community patrols work in concert with the police, but are not sanctioned or regulated by the Police Department. “Safety is a shared responsibility with the community, so this is an opportunity for the community to help out and work together with the police,” Assistant Chief Conroy said in an interview.

Mr. Rabah, a funeral organizer for the Janazah Project, said the Muslim Community Patrol had been a long-held dream of his and others. A series of sensational 2016 attacks, including the murder of an imam and his assistant in Queens and an arson attack on a Muslim woman dressed in traditional garb in Manhattan, gave energy to their cause, he said.

New York City is home to an estimated 769,000 Muslims. They make up about 9 percent of the city’s population, but represent 22 percent of all Muslims living in the United States, according to Muslims for American Progress.

In 2017 in the city, there were 14 reported anti-Muslim bias incidents, according to the Police Department’s annual report. Last year, there were 14 bias-crime incidents recorded against Muslims during the first three quarters of the year, the most recent data available.

The training session was led by off-duty police officers from the 72nd Precinct.CreditJames Keivom for The New York Times

Afaf Nasher, executive director of the New York chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations, said the actual number of hate crimes is likely much higher, since bias attacks often go unreported. Still, she said she saw the community patrol as more than just a response to discrimination and attacks against Muslims; it was also reflective of a desire to participate and engage with society in deep, meaningful ways.

“Muslims in general have had an awakening,” Ms. Nasher said. “We see this movement across the board in which Muslims are thinking more conscientiously about how to give back.”

In 1988, a group of men from a Brooklyn mosque conducted foot patrols in Bedford-Stuyvesant in an effort to rid the community of crime and drugs, specifically crack cocaine. But CAIR officials said they believed the new Muslim patrol is the only group of its kind in the nation.

A Muslim Community Patrol volunteer, Mahwish Razi, joined other members in prayer before a training session.CreditJames Keivom for The New York Times

Huda Quhshi, the owner of Le’Jemalik Salon & Boutique in Bay Ridge, said she felt a “spark of happiness” when she saw a video of the patrol car on Instagram. The extra protection is welcome, she said, especially for women who wear hijabs — “walking billboards of a Muslim” — and are particularly vulnerable to harassment.

Ms. Quhshi, a 39-year-old native of Brooklyn who now lives in Queens, said she has not had problems while wearing a hijab, but her teenage daughter has.

“With everything going on, you sort of feel like the whole world is against Muslims,” she said. “So it feels good to know that there is someone there, watching out.”

Mr. Ali, who helped found Mercy Bakery, a nonprofit that runs bakeries and provides free loaves of bread to families in need, stressed that the goal was to serve the entire community, not only Muslims.

“I hope people just give us a chance,” he said.

Source: The New York Times

This operation is a concern that needs to be watched, in my opinion. The USA has been increasingly infiltrated by the Muslim population in many ways. If you spend any time at all listening to various Muslim clerics, you will hear them say openly that the only choice is to convert to Islam – or die.

Some would say that it’s unfair to lump them all together, but if it’s not a concern for the “nice” ones, why is it that those “nice” ones don’t abandon the religion? Maybe because they know they’ll die if they’re discovered?

Supposedly the number of radicalized Muslims is relatively minuscule, but a statistic I saw recently reported the number of radicals in the USA to be more than 300,000. That is serious business! There was just a handful that flew the airplanes on 9/11, and a single person with a backpack full of explosives can kill many more than just one. In the same report, a comment was made addressing the “moderates.” The phrasing was something to the effect that even though the moderates won’t actively participate in the radical activities, they’ll “hold the coats” of the radicals as they commit the various atrocities.

The real red alert to which we should be paying attention is the fact that now we even have some who have managed to get elected into the highest legislative body in the country, the House of Representatives. The influence has now infiltrated even our uppermost levels of state and national government, and we must wake up before the takeover is completed. Nothing about Shari’a law is compatible with USA principles and way of life, and patriotic Americans really don’t want to live under such archaic and barbaric laws.



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