Voter Fraud and a Covert Mission

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00:02 Hey hey hey hey hey. It’s 4:00 o’clock. It’s actually 401. Had a prep a couple of things this afternoon T.G. Idel TVI 108 doing out there.

00:15 In the world of Facebook. Oh my goodness gracious. Did you see what I posted earlier today just about an hour or so ago. Our to go. Per. Absolute proof. Of voter fraud. In Alabama. And who’s who shared the news. One of the crooked voters. Or. Crooked voters shared voter fraud. Where’s the mentality of these people. These. These these. These. People they’re obviously liberals. He shares in that video if you haven’t gone out and seen this if you haven’t looked at my page to see this video you can share it. I hope this thing does millions of viewers. And this guy’s face is plastered all over the TV. He said We came from all over the country. All over the country. This group came from all over the country to vote. He said it to vote and get their man elected.

01:17 Voter fraud folks absolute voter fraud they stole it just like they tried to steal it from our man Donald Trump. They tried to steal it from Trump but too many of us. To many of us enemies and people that support. True freedom. And want true freedom and see through the Democrat lies the liberal leftist lies an agenda to many of us stood up nationwide.

01:43 And I think he was also still a miracle. You know I think what we just witnessed is what almost happened with Donald Trump and Hillary. It was an absolute miracle that with all the voter fraud that did happen in the last election. That Donald Trump still won. It’s an absolute miracle. So that is exactly what that last video shows. And it’s going to come out. You know there’s actually I don’t know if you’ve heard of for Chan but for Chan is a kind of an kind of an underground behind the radar a place where you can post things anybody can post anything. A lot of people post just nonsense. They post a lot of dumb stuff but some people post and everybody’s anonymous. Some people post some things that really make you wonder. They absolutely make you wonder. So if you don’t know who I am yet.

02:30 David J. Harris Jr. coming to you live from northern California northern California deplorable in that house do we have any other deplorable in the house. I see Kelly and Gina and Jason and Sandra and Paula. Hey Paula Cochon how are you Anne Marie and David and Bobby. Grace If you guys are watching this on YouTube you’re catching secondarily. I’m live RIGHT NOW on my Facebook page. David J. Harris Jr. But I reload these on youtube because there are people over there that love what I have to share as well so I appreciate the support from all those people on YouTube and about to start doing this more on Twitter. Just found out how I can actually shave these videos down and get them loaded on Twitter. Hadn’t really looked into it yet. So that’s about to happen as well because the truth needs to ring out the truth to get out there and independent journalists like myself and I don’t even consider myself a journalist.

03:19 The American American that loves America I love America. I love freedom. I love America. I love all people all races creeds colors and sizes. Does it matter to me. I love y’all. I love America I love freedom. I don’t like. I don’t like lies. I don’t like people lying and stealing and they even don’t like it.

03:42 So that video I posted earlier this guy blatantly says he’s lying. He had to lie to vote in that in that race in Alabama. He’s not from Alabama. And that’s what’s going on. That

03:56 is the swamp that is proof of the swamp that Donald Trump has been talking about and preached about draining it since he started running for office. That is the literal swamp that he’s talking about and the fact that there are Republicans that are pushing the same agenda that I’ve talked crap about Roy Moore that chose to side with the heat. The lying narrative so many of the people that came out against Roy Moore the women have been proven false. She had to come out and say oh I doctored the yearbook he actually didn’t write that. Oh it didn’t really happen like that the same way it’s happened to the women that are coming out against Trump. These women. I mean come on now. Trump is. Don’t get me started on that whole thing. Trump Trump has has been surrounded with beautiful women throughout his career and thence to see some of these ladies come forward like the woman on the airplane with the audacity to say he couldn’t keep his hands off her.

04:54 Are you kidding me. On an airplane with a bunch of people are you kidding me. He was an octopus all over you. Are you kidding me.

05:02 You’ve got to be out of your mind. Who are you. What are you smoking. What are you smoking. We need to have you drug tested. That’s what we need to do with these women that come out with allegations against Donald Trump. We haven’t drug tested because they because they’re smoking something. Can you tell them on one today I am drinking my juice right here. Hold on a second. My creation super fruit and herbal blend I actually got a call from Casey Jones. Casey are you out there. I got a call from Casey Jones just about 15 minutes ago.

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06:20 Amazing though. So as far as Alabama goes Roy Moore lost first time in 25 years 25 year the first time in 25 years Alabama has has elected a Democrat to the Senate. Moore joins recently defeated Republicans Todd Akin in Missouri Richard Mourdock in Indiana and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware. I think that Donald Trump said it right. I think he absolutely said it right. I’m going to go back just for a chat thing in a second. We need more Americans to stand up and want to take office and want to represent us the people we need good Americans that have good heads on their shoulders and that and are worth the grit that are willing to take the grit. But before but even besides that we’ve got to drain the swamp because you know what if all those allegations if all of them were foul were fallacy were false against Roy Moore the elite the machine of the elite still won because they got their man in.

07:20 So when you see that video I posted just about an hour or so ago where the guys literally say that they bus people in. That’s exactly what we were hearing during the presidential race is they were busing people in to get them to vote. They were having people vote two and three and four times. We need to understand that every single seat in the Senate matters. Mike Pence has already had to vote six times this year to break a tie. The Republicans now have a 51 to 49 seat advantage but like we already know there’s a couple of Republicans that are flipflop and we’ve got to get them out of there folks.

07:52 It’s our opportunity this next year 2018 to vote and get the rhino Republicans that aren’t really conservatives that are just political elites that want to stay in there that are part of the swamp. Yeah those Republicans part of the swamp. We’ve got to get them out. We got to vote them out. So we need to make sure that we are paying attention to who’s who’s supporting who and who’s backing our president and who’s not.

08:15 What else we got. Yeah the seat that Al Franken is giving up. That’s another Democrat’s going to take that seat.

08:21 So this 4 Chan thing absolutely baffled by this 48 thing. Let me pull this up so again for Chan is something where a person can they can they can post stuff anonymously. So there’s a certain individual that goes by the letter Q that always posts. He seems to post or she seems to post some pretty intriguing things but one of the things that they posted was right before the shooting in Texas. We all remember that guy walked into the church started blasting people he he posted the day before he said pay attention to Texas tomorrow and watch the news. He knew something was coming down the pipes. He’s he said it. But the day before it happened. So check out what this same individual said on Monday before the election results on Monday. He said Doug Jones will be declared the winner of the U.S. Senate special election. He will have more votes than Roy Moore. The multiple fraudulent voting techniques employed to achieve this result are being allowed to occur. Could

09:26 this really be what’s happening is there I mean if you understand Donald Trump you understand that he he wrote The Art of the deal. He is like a master chess player when it comes to negotiating and when it comes to setting up the enemy for a complete and utter loss. Right. He really understands and knows what he’s what he’s doing. So could this be accurate that it says that this person posted they are being documented again. The trumpet. They didn’t let this happen. Just to let it happen because they wanted to but in order you almost have to catch the robber right in the act. And then there’s irrefutable evidence. There’s absolutely no mistaking it. If you stop it before it happens there’s no proof that it was ever even going to happen. So could this person that posted this.

10:15 He says they are being documented to support the subsequent investigation will reveal the entire Democrat machine. Could this be what’s really happening. Could this be what is literally playing out in front of all of our eyes. And now you’ve got the supporting you just expose yourself as exposure of this guy saying we were bussed in here to vote from all over the country. It’s obvious that there’s blatant voter fraud. So how much of this voter fraud is actually being allowed and by who. Well the Democrats won. So we obviously know who’s doing it. But even the who’s who. Who is literally signing off on these things. This was put into play long ago. This person says you’ll all soon find out they in this queue ends this statement with this. You’ll all Souf they must be from the south they say y’all y’all y’all are soon to find out the true reason that Jefferson Beauregard Sessions the third was installed as the U.S. attorney general.

11:18 Could it be. Ladies and gentlemen that there is an absolute there’s an absolute behind the scenes covert operation in place to literally pick off all the people that are in the Democrat Party or the Republican Party that are part of the swamp with proof that they will absolutely not be able to hide from it. Could that be what’s happening. What do you guys think. I think that there something massive coming. Donald Trump has said it. He said this is the quiet before the storm. I don’t think we’ve seen the storm yet. All of the sudden we started hearing all this stuff coming out of Hollywood. That was a storm all by itself. But I don’t think that’s the storm that Donald Trump was talking about.

12:00 He said several times he said this just. It’s the quiet before the storm. I think he is gonna make good on his promise to literally drain the swamp the swamp in Washington. I think that we’re going to see Hillary Clinton in a jumpsuit. We need to see Hillary and Bill Podesta all of them. All these people that have ties to pedo gate and all the all the different Gaith just google these people do your research and Google Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton scandals. It will blow your mind. I’ve got to give another shout out to Mark markka call today I Rechy. He reached out to me on Facebook and said Give me a comarca. Love to chat with your retired gentleman in Ohio Mark. Thank you so much for that phone call that really appreciated talking with you. He was blessed like last night Tuesday night about 9 o’clock. I have what’s called Encounter.

12:51 That’s my own spiritual. That’s what I have. That’s what I do for a spiritual. It’s a spiritual side of me. I believe we’re all human beings we’re all spiritual beings and a Mitsu. And so my Tuesday nights are devoted to that. You can check that out if you’d like to but Marcie was great chatting with you. Thank you so much for that. So when it gets when we get back to what is really happening when we get back to what is really taking place. I think there is more happening behind the scenes than we know. You know it also has come out this fusion gas thing. Maybe you’ve heard this. The

13:21 co-founder of fusion gas has now acknowledged the co-founder of the organization the company that created the dossier that they used to then implicate Donald Trump and used to even start the special prosecutor the special investigator Mueller down the road of investigating if there was Russian collusion with Donald Trump. The company that started the whole thing the co-founder acknowledged in a new court document that his company hired the wife of a senior Justice Department official. The wife of a senior Justice Department official and then candidate to help investigate then candidate Donald Trump. It is coming out folks. It is absolutely coming out. Glenn Simpson co-founder said bank records reflect fusion GPS contracted with her to help the company with their research. All this stuff is going to come to a great and fantastic ending. I absolutely believe that 2018 is going to be an amazing year for freedom.

14:30 It’s going to be an amazing year for for conservatives and it’s going to be amazing year for those of you that believe in who Donald Trump is and what he stands for.

14:39 I absolutely believe that. So I thought there was one more thing I wanted to share with you guys. You know what. Just don’t let the Jones Don’t let the Jones loss. I think there’s more covert stuff going on behind the scenes than we even realize than we have any idea about. I absolutely believe that. Yeah here. Here it is right here. So here the other part so that the special investigators that are investigating you know whether or not there was collusion the text messages between these investigators. Again

15:12 these are these are federal agents that are supposed to be blind to just with just justice on their mind not wanting any certain political sway or or trying to promote any certain political opponent or or individual. It has come out now that these senior FBI officials that helped investigate Donald Trump have literally text message amongst themselves saying Hillary Clinton just has to win. When you’ve got FBI agents saying Hillary Clinton just has to win and saying that described a potential Trump victory as terrifying. You don’t have the lady laws of of Justice blindfolded. You’ve got people that are in positions that are a part of the swamp that need to be outed. So I’m thankful that these top counter intelligence agents are being brought out that is being brought to light. We’re about to see some heads roll folks. We are about to see some heads roll.

16:15 So that’s all I got for you today. God bless you. Thank you so much for checking me out Monday through Friday 4:00 p.m. Pacific time. If you enjoyed this please share this message and give him my page a like David Harris Jr. saying. God

16:26 bless you we’ll talk again soon. Mobei.