Sean Hannity and Sara Carter: Mueller Probe Cover Up for DOJ and FBI Crimes

Sean Hannity and investigative reporter, Sara Carter, are telling people that the Deep State is using the Mueller witch hunt to cover up five “buckets of crimes” committed prior to the 2016 election. They were convinced their illegal actions would prevent Trump’s election, but when he won, they went into panic mode. They could have covered it up if Hillary won, but are in real danger during a Trump administration, so they have been trying to get him removed first. She even speculated that there are crimes we may not be aware of yet that will come out in a real investigation into the FBI and DOJ Deep State.

Carter shared in response to Sean Hannity:

So not only will those five buckets be extraordinarily important Sean, but once they dig in deep, into all of this, and I’m talking about the DOJ as the investigation continues, I think they’ll be discovering so much more malfeasance within the FBI and DOJ that went far beyond even Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and the 2016 election.  Remember a lot of other things are going to be unearthed because of this and this is what they were so afraid of!

From The Gateway Pundit

Last night on Hannity, Sara Carter shared that she understands that the reason the Deep State FBI and DOJ went to such extreme measures to bring down candidate, and then President, Donald Trump was related to five major buckets.

Last night President Trump tweeted a portion from the Hannity Show on FOX where Sara Carter mentioned that the Deep State has five major ‘buckets’ of crimes that they tried to cover up. 

They attempted to get rid of President Trump so that their crimes would go unidentified.

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