Testimony From FBI Lawyer Seems to Back Up Barr’s Spying Statement

The Democrats are losing their minds over the fact that AG Bill Barr says that the Trump campaign was spied on. They are positively beside themselves. They are also lying through their teeth. It’s been known for two years that Obama spied on the Trump campaign. And if you need further proof, you need look no further than the testimony of the former top lawyer for the FBI, James Baker. Mark Meadows asked him how many FISA warrants were applied for against Trump campaign officials. The FBI lawyers with Baker went into a panic and refused to allow him to answer the question.

Texts between Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe suggests there were as many as 17 FISA Warrant applications. Page wrote to McCabe:

  “There will be nine packages for you to sign, with the possibility of eight additional if the NSLB signs off on them.”

“The FISA team will be delivering them at 7.”

The only reason for the lawyers to prevent Baker from answering is if the answer was yes. If there were no spying, there would be no problem with answering the question. Possible FISA targets could include Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos.

From The Conservative Tribune

Meadows drilled down and referenced multiple “unclassified” text messages between fired deputy director Andrew McCabe and former FBI attorney Lisa Page. Those texts suggested there had been multiple FISA warrants aimed at the Trump campaign, potentially as many as 17 separate FISA warrant applications.

When Baker’s lawyers still refused to allow an answer, Meadows cited a specific text between McCabe and Page on Oct. 19, 2016, in which Page informed McCabe that “There will be nine packages for you to sign, with the possibility of eight additional if the NSLB signs off on them.”

Meadows rightly noted that the text indicated multiple FISA warrant applications and asked if anyone else on Trump’s campaign team — aside from adviser Carter Page — had been the subject of those applications. Despite repeatedly asking and reframing the question, Baker and his attorneys refused to provide an answer, though the FBI attorneys did promise to check into and get back to committee members with an answer in a classified setting.

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