Trump: ‘There Is No Amount Of Testimony Or Document Production’ That Will Satisfy Democrats

President Trump ripped on congressional Democrats Tuesday for their non-stop political games over the Mueller report that showed there was “no collusion,” saying there is “no amount of testimony or documents” that would satisfy “Shifty Adam Schiff.”

“There is no amount of testimony or document production that can satisfy Jerry Nadler or Shifty Adam Schiff. It is now time to focus exclusively on properly running our great Country!” posted the Commander-in-Chief on social media.

The President’s comments come less than two weeks after the special counsel finally handed in the findings of his two-year investigation into the president and his campaign, confirming there was no evidence of “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

Many believe that Team Muller discovered early on that there was no Trump-Russia collusion, so the big question is, what the hell were they doing for 675 days?  We know that Mueller went back to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for an updated scope memo on August 2, 2017, only three months after he was appointed special counsel with the original scope of looking for Trump-Russia collusion during the 2016 election, which is now classified so that the public can’t see it.  Did Rosenstein add “obstruction” to Mueller’s mandate, just so that they could “get” the president on something?  On anything?  There is sufficient evidence that Mueller knew from the very beginning that the investigation was a hoax.

Leftist sites like Politico are now claiming that Trump is changing his mind on the release of the Mueller report.  It is a truly sick mindset in that leftist rags will say and do anything to trash this president.  They are still behaving as if Trump is in charge of when and how the Mueller report is released, when the fact of the matter is that responsibility lies solely with Attorney General William Barr.  Why?  Because the Democrats created that law after the Bill Clinton special prosecutor report came out.  Now that that’s not working in their favor Democrats are whining like petulant children.

The liberal rags are simply making things up out of whole cloth to make their readers feel better.

It is a truly sick mindset that leftists have here. The president exonerated himself, because he did nothing wrong.  Even Mueller says Trump cooperated the entire time.  They gave over a million requested documents, and unlike Rosenstein, they handed them over in a timely fashion.

Just like leftists still can’t accept the results of 2016, they will never accept the results of the Mueller investigation.  Pointing that out isn’t the same as being afraid of the Mueller report being released.  Trump Derangement Syndrome is clouding liberal minds so much that they create conspiracy theories out of nothing just to keep from going completely bonkers.

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