Tucker Carlson Takes Aim on Hateful Ilhan Omar [VIDEO]

Tucker Carlson went off on Ilhan Omar after her latest diatribe of hate. Omar is anti-Jew, anti-American, anti-whites and anti-Christian, just like her terrorist friends are. She and Rashida Tlaib are the first two Congress members ever to fundraise for terrorists. She claims that life in America is bad – and does so on a daily basis. Omar said it was easy living in a Kenya refugee camp. Perhaps she should go back there. Maybe she will run into her brother, and they can rekindle their romance and marriage. But, frankly, I like her. We have no idea just how many Catholics and Jews she has chased from the Democrat party, and I’m sure there will be even more in the future.

From The Gateway Pundit

Freshman Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar is anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-whitey, anti-Trump and anti-American.

Ilhan Omar has attacked Mike Pence’s Christian faith and hurled anti-Semitic tropes at her Jewish colleagues.

In a recent interview with Vogue Arabia Democrat Ilhan Omar said living in Trump’s America, “It’s an everyday assault.”
Ilhan then went on to say how easy it was to live in a refugee camp in Kenya when she was 12.

Omar told Vogue Arabia in a recent interview, “It’s an everyday assault. Every day, a part of your identity is threatened, demonized, and vilified. Trump is tapping into an ugly part of our society and freeing its ugliness. It’s been a challenge to try to figure out how to continue the inclusion; how to show up every day and make sure that people who identify with all the marginalized identities I carry, feel represented.”

Ilhan Omar’s family fled sh*thole Somalia when she was 8-years-old. She has been blessed with an unbelievable life in America since she as 12. This is how she feels about her country.

Tucker Carlson: “How does she repay her adopted country, the one that literally saved her life? She attacks it as hateful and racist… Maybe our immigration system should prioritize people who actually like this country and are grateful to be here. Why wouldn’t we do that?”


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