US Anti-Abortion Film a Shocking Success

“Unplanned” was a low budget film about the evils of abortion, and it finished the week in fourth place, behind three large-budget movies.  It took in $8.6 million in the first few days out with only about 1,000 screens being used to show it.  This coming week it will increase to over 1,500 screens. “Unplanned” was only surpassed this week by “Dumbo,” “Us,” and “Captain Marvel.”

Unplanned is the story of a woman who became the number one employee for Planned Parenthood, overseeing over 20,000 abortions. She was then exposed to the actual procedure that took place, and it changed her heart and mind on the issue.  Twitter banned it when it was first released because, well, it’s Twitter. They later reinstated their Twitter page.

From Yahoo News

“Unplanned” comes amid a resurgent campaign in the United States by opponents of abortion, which was legalized in the United States in a landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision.

Among those promoting the movie has been the deeply religious vice president, Mike Pence.

“So good to see movie theaters across the country showing @UnplannedMovie,” Pence tweeted. “More & more Americans are embracing the sanctity of life because of powerful stories like this one.”

Building on its early buzz, “Unplanned” is to be shown in more than 1,500 theaters across the United States this weekend, up from 1,059 the weekend of its release.

– ‘R’ rating –

Produced by the self-described Christian studio Pure Flix, “Unplanned” was launched with little advertising because most cable TV channels reportedly refused to air ads for the film.

Anti-abortion groups have denounced this as part of an orchestrated campaign which they claim also included the film being attributed an “R” rating by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

An “R” rating requires anyone under the age of 17 going to a movie to be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

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