3 Assailants Dead, 2 More Injured In Firefight With Texas Homeowner [Video]

Somehow it seems criminals would have second thoughts before going after a Texan, but if this story is a ruler by which to measure common sense, perhaps that is what was lacking. Texas is known to be populated by many people who own and are familiar with the usage of their firearms, and for someone to break into a home and expect no resistance instead of a hail of bullets shows them to be a few bricks shy of a full load.

This from Fox News:

Three men were killed and two others were injured after dozens of shots were fired by a homeowner in Texas during a home invasion early Sunday, officials said.
The incident happened around 1 a.m. in east Houston after five men wearing ski masks broke into the home, police told KPRC.
The male resident inside then grabbed his weapon and opened fire at the men.
“The homeowner appears to have defended himself,” Houston Police Department homicide detective Travis Miller told KTRK-TV.

A neighbor told KTRK he heard the shots and went outside to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.
“I heard around five or six gunshots,” he told the television station. “I’m pretty sure there were more before that.”
One of the suspects was found dead in front of the house, while the others fled in an SUV and on foot. Police told KPRC that the SUV crashed into a pole nearby and a second suspect was found dead inside.
A third suspect who was in the SUV fled, collapsed in the street, and later died, KPRC reported.
The fourth and fifth suspects, who were also injured in the shooting, were taken to the hospital. The incident remains under investigation by police, who did not release additional information. The homeowner was not injured.

Source: Fox News
The circumstances of this situation do sound a bit shady, though, do they not? How is it that several men armed with rifles were not able to take out a single occupant? One could conclude that perhaps the group had intended to kidnap or otherwise coerce the single individual in some way for a “pot of gold,” so to speak.
I also noticed the type of weapon used by the “homeowner” isn’t specified. Even a highly-trained special forces operator might be hard-pressed to take out four others armed with rifles if their intent was just to kill him. So many questions, so few real answers…

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