CA Gov Newsom First Supported, Then Slammed PG&E Power Shutoff Decision

As a survivor of California’s most recent Public Safety Power Shutoff, I will say it was a challenge to figure out what would work the best to meet our needs for the least cost. We had (for us) a substantial inventory of perishable food still on hand which needed to be preserved and some special medically-oriented needs that require reliable electric power. Without detailing the specifics, I managed to solve both problems without breaking the bank, but it took significant effort and some making-do to get to the end of it without losing either the food or our lives.

When the power shutoff first occurred, the Los Angeles Times reported that when it first began on Tuesday, “Gov. Gavin Newsom defended PG&E’s plans for the intentional power shutdowns,” but by Thursday he had changed his tune considerably.

This from Fox Business News:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday lambasted the state’s largest power utility, Pacific Gas & Electric, for the blackouts that have left hundreds of thousands of people without power this week.

“This is not a climate change story as much as a story about greed and mismanagement over the course of decades. Neglect, a desire to advance not public safety but profits,” Newsom said during a press conference.

And this:

“What has occurred in the last 48 hours is unacceptable,” Newsom said. “What has occurred in the last 48 hours is kids staying home from school, parents that can’t bathe their kids and folks that come home from work who can’t even find a way to get into their garage. You’ve got people that can’t even access water or medical supplies. We’re seeing the scale and scope of something no state in the 21st century should experience.”

A posting which I first saw appear on Facebook, and subsequently found attached to an article from the Danville SanRamon, had an explanation for more of what may be the real reason behind the scope of the shutoff, and why it takes so long to get the power restored. If we take this person’s word for it, the problem has its roots in conflicting laws on the books that essentially force PG&E to do what they did, so this isn’t all on the head of PG&E management, there is government micromanagement behind it. My research did not uncover the name of the person who wrote this, so you should consider this as an opinion, and not so much as factual until we find out more of the person’s information.