Democrat Rep. Alcee Hastings Ranks No.1 In Nepotism, but Jokes About Letting the President Drown

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Representative Hastings is one to talk about disasters and catastrophes. He is a Florida congressman, was previously impeached from his former position as a federal judge, and is currently under the microscope of the House Ethics Committee for…wait for it…nepotism. Seems like a moral quicksand in which he’s about to drown. This double standard in Democrats is about as ridiculous as the old tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes. They throw rocks at conservatives, and Donald Trump in particular, but seemingly without recognition that they have some serious business to correct in their own house. Recently the “good” representative was recorded live, in a public forum, making a not-funny joke about the president drowning.


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The business of Mr. Hastings’ impeachment and House Ethics Committee investigation is yet another matter. Here’s a snippet from a larger report at

A Florida congressman impeached as a federal judge and currently under House Ethics Committee scrutiny has earned yet another recognition for his transgressions, this time nepotism.

Alcee Hastings, one of only six federal judges to be removed from the bench, is in a class of his own when it comes to nepotism. This month he was ranked No. 1 out of 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives for paying salaries and fees to family members. The sordid details are included in a government watchdog’s study of how members of Congress abuse their position to benefit themselves and their families.

The results were neatly packaged in a 300-plus-page report, titled “Family Affair.” Virtually every member of the House is mentioned and Hastings, who made Judicial Watch’s 2011 Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians list, leads the pack for paying his girlfriend/deputy district director more than half a million dollars in salary and other expenses from 2007 to 2010.

So, it appears the “good” representative is on a roll. He certainly seems to have the desire to be number one at something…it’s just too bad that he has his focus going in the wrong direction. He is certainly “distinguished”, as the text clip points out. He’s one of six judges to be impeached, and now number one in nepotism. I can’t help but reflect and wonder why it is that people with so much potential for good end up going so wrong. I will admit, I had no love for former president Obama, but I didn’t go around looking for ways to bash him. I thought his policies were crap, and I felt he really shamed the USA, particularly when he bowed to foreign leaders as if he were a subject, not an equal. I also didn’t believe he held the office legitimately due to his unwillingness to come clean on his citizenship, and that he really had no right to be elected as POTUS on those grounds alone. I certainly felt he did nothing to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. However, I didn’t go around making jokes about how much I wished he would die or be killed. He still was the man in the office, and the office itself deserves appropriate respect.

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