‘Fort Trump’ In POLAND??

The Polish President Andrzej Duda seems to have found in Donald Trump a friend with a lot of things in common. President Duda shares the same kind of philosophies on immigration control and in their put-the-people-first national patriotism. Not long ago he offered President Trump a deal that ought to tickle his fancy. President Duda wants the US to build a military base in Poland. He seems to be pretty serious about it, considering he’s dangling a two-billion-dollar carrot as an incentive to proceed.

Source: Bakersfield

WARSAW, Poland—It’s a blockbuster Polish real estate deal, structured to tempt a certain former Manhattan developer who affixes his name to his properties.

Poland is offering the United States as much as $2 billion and a long-term lease in an “ideal location” if the United States will build a permanent military base there. But that’s not all: Polish President Andrzej Duda suggested only half-jokingly this month at the White House that the complex should be named “Fort Trump.”

Bypassing the Pentagon and its allies in NATO, Poland is making a naked appeal directly to the man who could seal the deal. But the offer is concerning to other nations in the 29-member NATO alliance, who already are reeling from President Donald Trump’s repeated criticism of members that do not meet military spending targets.

Poland’s defense minister, Mariusz Blaszczak, alluded to the internal divisions at a meeting of NATO’s Military Committee in Warsaw Saturday, saying he was pleased that the Trump administration “has started an evaluation of a permanent presence in Poland,” and hoped “the idea would be supported” by the alliance.

For Poland, which has been invaded and carved up repeatedly during its history by Russia and Germany, a major U.S. base is considered the best long-term guarantee of security.

But Germany, one of Trump’s favorite targets, is wary of the Polish offer, alliance officials say. It fears that the proposed base would prompt the U.S. to shift troops and shrink bases that Germany has hosted for decades, and also antagonize Russia, which is building an offshore gas pipeline to northern Germany that Trump opposes.

“This would be seen by everybody as the president punishing our German allies and I think that would be a major mistake,” said U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, who commanded U.S. troops in Europe before retiring this year.

Despite Poland’s cash offer, most of the costs would likely be borne by the U.S. government, officials said. A large new base requiring construction of headquarters buildings, barracks, airfields, training ranges, family housing, roads and rail lines — all of which already exist in Germany and other NATO countries to the west — may not be practical, said to Defense Secretary James N. Mattis.

“Right now, I’m not willing to say we need it,” Mattis said this week, calling the talks with the Poles “exploratory” and warning that a U.S. base in Poland “has an impact on the alliance as a whole.”

It would significantly raise tensions with Moscow, which has long warned the U.S. against establishing permanent installations nearer its border in the countries, such as Poland, that it occupied during the Cold War.

A pretty interesting situation, wouldn’t you say? It’s quite a chess game to be able to figure out when and where to move troops to maintain a strategic advantage. I have a smattering of knowledge of the End Times predictions, and if my memory is accurate, I’ve heard some say that Russia is one of the main protagonists to trigger the battle of Armageddon. The one thing I really haven’t heard a lot about is where the USA fits into that whole scenario. So far, President Trump has proved to be a great deal more astute than many would have guessed when it comes to his foreign policy decisions. I’m sure many think he’s Crazy Like A Fox. So far I have to say I’m really happy with his decisions to Make America Great Again!


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