McConnell: 'No Time Off' For Senators Until Shutdown Is Resolved

The more we hear about Congressional goings-on, the more news there seems to be about party time and recesses and vacations. A lot of what is bringing the attention to bear on them is the partial government shutdown.
Over the 2018 holiday season, we heard of Nancy Pelosi’s luxury spa retreat to Hawaii. Then this past weekend we saw 30+ members along with 100+ lobbyists catching rays at a resort in Puerto Rico. Now, we hear of another planned “recess” the last full week of January.
What the heck? Is life as a member of Congress all about how much time off you can get, all paid for on the taxpayer dime? That sounds like a pretty good deal to me! I’ve never had a job where I could take more time off than the amount of time actually spent working.
This from The Daily Caller:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate will cancel its scheduled recess next week unless the partial government shutdown ends and the government is funded Tuesday afternoon.
“We certainly will not be in recess next week if the government is still shut down,” McConnell said to reporters on Capitol Hill. His comments come as the Senate has a recess planned beginning Friday until Jan. 28, despite the 25-day partial government shutdown. McConnell made it clear that senators would be required to work throughout their scheduled recess unless both parties can compromise and find a way to fund the government.
Hours prior, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said the House will cancel its scheduled recess next week, after news broke that a number of congressional Democrats spent the weekend on the beaches of Puerto Rico with dozens of lobbyists and corporate executives, despite the partial government shutdown.

Democrats also refused to participate in a lunch with President Donald Trump at the White House Tuesday. The meeting was planned to discuss a compromise to end the partial government shutdown. However, all Democrats who were invited refused to attend.
Trump has warned Democrats he might declare a national emergency if they cannot come to an agreement in the near future.

Source: The Daily Caller
At least Mitch McConnell had enough sense to see the handwriting on the wall. After seeing the response to Pelosi’s little junket, the hot Puerto Rican weekend trip last weekend, and the recent cancellation of a week-long overseas trip that was planned, it wouldn’t have set well with the American public to find out there was a recess going on while hundreds of thousands of furloughed workers are scraping by until the shutdown ends. Come on, Congress! It’s time to quit the bickering over the politics and control issues and get busy with the business of the American people!
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