MSNBC Forced To Admit Devastating Poll Results … The American People Are Fed Up!

I think I can speak for the majority of Americans when I say that we are sick and tired of hearing Robert Mueller’s name. The Special Counsel has been “investigating” President Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia and “collusion” during the 2016 presidential election for more than a year now. He has found exactly nothing, and Americans are getting frustrated. Liberal news network MSNBC has finally admitted that a new poll proves that the majority of Americans feel that the investigation is in fact a “witch hunt.”

MSNBC explained, “The Robert Mueller investigation has yielded many indictments and convictions, but a recent poll shows most Americans believe Donald Trump’s pronouncement that the Russia probe is a baseless ‘witchhunt,’” as they announced the poll results. Joy Reid led the panel discussion as to “why the president is controlling the narrative on Mueller’s Russia investigation,” which followed the results.

Yeah… they actually said that.

The survey results found that only 41 percent of those polled feel that Mueller’s investigation has found actual crimes. 59 percent of those polled feel that it hasn’t found anything.

The 18-point difference says it all. In a day and age where we have to constantly recount elections and polls, this says it all.

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I’ve been wondering how long it might take to get the truth out into the open. The MSM has been dancing around the whole Russian collusion “witch hunt” for far too long. The best part of it is that nothing has been found that will stick. I think the big thing that sticks in the media’s craw the most is that they can not find something to pin on the president to get him out of their craw. The real eye-opener should be this fall when the Red Tsunami hits. It’s time to Make America Great Again!!

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