Obama Caught Giving MILLIONS to Chelsea Clinton’s Best Friend In ‘Sweetheart Deals’ — When Confronted He Stripped Analyst of Security Clearance

This sure sounds suspicious. Here we have a man, Adam Lovinger, who just “happens” to be a Trump-supporting Pentagon analyst with a security clearance, trying to do a proper job. He sees what appears to be suspicious activity, and when he sounds the alert, he ultimately has his clearance revoked by the Obama administration. Where things take another turn (for the worse, in my opinion) is that it seems the Clintons are involved, if not directly, then indirectly. It makes me think of another activity — certain types of insider trading (some are deemed legal by the SEC, some are not). One thing for sure – if ANYthing has the name Clinton attached to it, someone should definitely be taking a hard look to see what’s going on. More here in a report from Diamond and Silk:

Adam Lovinger, a Pentagon analyst, claims he had his security clearance yanked after he complained about questionable payments being made by the Office of Net Assessment to the man the Obama FBI had spying on the Trump campaign, Stefan Halper. But in addition to the hundreds of thousands of dollars for the unexplained work of Halper, Lovinger also complained about what he viewed as a “sweetheart deal” for the best friend of Chelsea Clinton.

Lovinger worked in the Office of Net Assessment, which deals with assessing future and long-term threats to the nation.

His attorney, Sean Bigley, says his client complained about contracts totaling $11 million dollars that went to the consulting firm, Long Term Strategy Group, that was headed by Jacqueline Newmyer Deal, the “best friend” of Chelsea Clinton.

Lovinger not only raised concerns about that deal and the Halper contracts, but he raised questions about whether they were in keeping with the point of the office. He noted that the office failed to write papers on the long-term threats from radical Islam, China and Iran.

More in their report comes from the Washington Times:

It’s hard to get my head around the fact that the Left has such a huge network of absolute corruption…it’s like an octopus with millions of tentacles stuck into every nook and cranny imaginable. And somehow the Clinton stench emanates from practically every new story we hear. I can’t help but say it again…I am SO happy that Hillary didn’t get put into the White House! She is “trouble on a stick”!

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