Opinion: Michelle Malkin on the Democrat Donors’ Sex-Creep Club

This week we have seen the beginning of the unraveling of Jeffrey Epstein’s long-standing child sex trafficking ring, and I have no doubt that there are politicians and other partakers of his “wares” (if we dare use such a sarcastic term for his alleged pedophilia and sexual abuse of children and teens) that are shaking in their boots as the wraps are pulled off and their perversions are exposed for all to see.

Michelle Malkin is well known for not mincing her words when reporting, regardless of the issue at hand, and in the following, she gave some rather pointed remarks as she put the finger on some of Epstein’s cohorts who may be implicated along with him as perpetrators of what may ultimately be determined to be more serious crimes against children.

Michelle Malkin, reporting to BizPac Review, wrote the following:

Well, well, well. “Follow the facts,” Democratic strategist Christine Pelosi now advises fellow liberals in the wake of billionaire and high-flying political financier Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking indictment this week. Some of “our faves” could be implicated in the long-festering scandal, the Pelosi daughter warned, so it’s time to “let the chips fall where they may.”

Too bad Ms. Pelosi’s mommy hasn’t adopted that same attitude of accountability. While serving as the highest-ranking elected woman in America for decades, San Fran Nan has chronically downplayed, whitewashed or excused the sleazy habits and alleged sexual improprieties of a long parade of Dem pervs — from former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner to former New York Reps. Eric Massa and Anthony Wiener to former Oregon Rep. David Wu to former Michigan Rep. John Conyers and current presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Since the woke-ty woke Democrats are now gung-ho on undoing special treatment of wealthy liberal sex creeps, perhaps they will soon be revisiting the matter of two of their other “faves,” Oregon real estate mogul and deep-pocketed left-wing White House donor Terry Bean and West Hollywood Clinton pal Ed Buck.

So who are these other creeps anyway?

In brief, Terry Bean is a prominent gay rights activist. He liked hanging out with the “upper crust” of society, riding to places of leisure in jet-smooth comfort with the rich and powerful. He once gave a half million dollar donation to Barack Obama, for which he was rewarded with a ride in Air Force One. His track record is chock full of incidents in which he has been convicted of various crimes of felony sodomy and misdemeanor sex abuse. Sweet guy, eh?

Ed Buck is similarly creepy. He’s another Democrat gay rights leader. He has had a problem on at least two occasions in which someone ended up dead due to overdoses after he allegedly paid them for sex and drugs. Some of his favorite targets are vulnerable minority men.

His political donations are also in the half million dollar club, with contributions going to numerous high-ranking California politicians including past and present governors. That’s pretty scary stuff, considering how much of a lock Democrats currently have on the state.

I can’t help but hope the lid has been pulled off of the Pandora’s box they’ve sat on for all these years. Like the storyline, let’s hope their evils will be released for all the world to see and that stiff sentences will follow the demand for real penalties.

If you like, check out the full text of Michelle Malkin’s opinion piece here at BizPac Review.