Pelosi: Border Wall Is A 'Luxury We Can't Afford'…[Watch]

What did she say?? On what planet is she living? The cost to the people of the United States is FAR more than the price we may have to pay for a secure border wall or fence. It’s apparent she hasn’t been talking to the same people President Trump has, such as the Angel families.
Nancy, why don’t you ask THEM if the cost of the wall would have been worth it if they could have their loved ones back? Even one life of a loved one saved is worth what it will cost in real dollars to build a barrier against the drugs flowing in, the cartels engaging in sex trafficking, and the terrorists who have nothing but evil plans against the citizens of the USA!
She must have missed what President Trump detailed in his appeal to the nation on Tuesday!
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The border wall is a “luxury” that America “can’t afford?”
Have more idiotic words ever been spoken?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi must really hate her country to say something this asinine.
Turning to the wall, Pelosi said, “It’s a luxury our country can’t afford under any circumstance. This is certainly a luxury we can’t afford when he has shut down government, takes pride in it and says months or years.”

Pelosi only likes facts her party creates.
She hates actual facts.
Classic lefty, huh?
From Daily Wire:
In a tense meeting with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen about the U.S.-Mexico border — in which Nielsen was spieling out a slew of facts (the non-fungible kind) — Pelosi interrupted to declare: “I reject your facts.”
“The clash between the top House Democrat and a key member of President Trump’s Cabinet occurred during a Wednesday meeting in the White House amid the impasse over the government shutdown, with Trump standing firm and demanding $5 billion for the border wall,” Fox News reported.


Source: Flag And Cross
President Trump couldn’t have been more concise or direct in his proposals during the Tuesday evening address. He made point after point after point that painted a very clear picture of why we need a wall and why we need to get our attention on the welfare of THIS country instead of the welfare of the illegal aliens.
Pelosi’s outright rejection of the facts that Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen tried to lay out clearly illustrates she can’t be confused with the facts – her mind is made up! Ridiculous! Are You KIDDING me? I’m really hoping this is the beginning of the permanent demise of everything radical in the Democrat party.
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