President Trump Greeted With Standing O At The Pentagon

President Trump routinely gets standing ovations whenever he visits the troops, and Thursday was no exception to that general reception. The primary difference this time is that he spoke to an audience inside the Pentagon, which is considerably more restrictive due to the highly sensitive nature of business inside, but that was still no damper on the enthusiastic welcome he received.
This from Breitbart:

An attendee at President Donald Trump’s speech in the Pentagon on Thursday began waving what looked like a red Make America Great Again hat when the president walked onstage, in an apparent show of support for the president.

Some reporters inside the auditorium captured the moment:

Defense Department video, posted on DVIDs, also caught the moment — which begins at about 11:17 minutes into the video on the far upper left side.
It is not clear whether the person was a Pentagon civilian employee, a military employee, or a visitor to the building. Entrance into the building is typically restricted to those who work inside the building, have a building pass, or are escorted by a Pentagon employee.
A number of senior civilian and military leaders attended the speech, including Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan, Army Secretary Mark Esper, Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson, Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK), Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH), Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley, and other members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
There were also a number of uniformed and civilian personnel:

Displays of military support for Trump sparked controversy last month after the president and First Lady visited U.S. troops in Iraq on Christmas Day, and some troops reportedly brought MAGA hats for the president to sign. One Air Force captain brought a Trump campaign banner.
The show of support sparked heated debate over how much the military actually supportsthe president, and there has been consistent criticism from the left that the president is politicizing the military. CNN on Thursday reported that Trump “is fueling unprecedented uncertainty and anxiety inside the Pentagon.”
That anxiety was not readily apparent during the president’s speech. Trump was welcomed with a standing ovation as he walked onstage.

The president responded to the applause, “Wow, that’s really nice. Thank you. You’re only doing that because I gave you the greatest and biggest budget in our history,” prompting laughter.
“And now I’ve done it two times,” he said, prompting another round of applause.
“And I hate to tell the rest of the world, but I’m about to do it three times,” he said, prompting a third round of applause. “So that’s the only reason you gave me such a nice welcome,” he joked.

Source: Breitbart News
As a retired member of the military, I can tell you without reservation that I too would be on my feet applauding President Trump if I were in the audience. His respect for all kinds of first responders, whether military or civilian, is very conducive to high morale.
Many military people are a bit of what might be called “rough around the edges”, and I believe that’s one of the things the troops like him so much.
I think it’s not unlike the kind of attitude General James Mattis projected. Like Mattis, Trump is a scrappy fighter who isn’t afraid to take it to the opposition, and that has particular value to combat troops.
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