Security Firm From Israel Wants To Help Trump Build The Wall

Israel is now a country protected by a border wall. Over two years ago, even before Donald Trump was elected President of the United States they threw their hat in the ring to be considered a candidate to build a border security system, including a wall, along the US-Mexico border.
Since Trump’s inauguration, opponents have thumbed their noses continuously at the president regardless of the policy he introduced all because he is an outsider to the globalist Deep State that has so totally infiltrated the upper echelons of the US government. They’re consumed with hate towards him, and perhaps are more than a little fearful of what shenanigans and shady deals for which they may find themselves exposed.
Considering how effective Israel’s wall has proven to be, it seems to me we would be wise to at least hire some of their experts who know what works best, and why. Theirs has stood the test of time and has reduced unwanted incursions at that border by 99%.
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August 2, 2016

Israeli security firm Magal Security Systems is putting itself in the running to become the firm hired to build GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s famous border wall between America and Mexico – providing Trump wins the election. The wall has become a signature feature of the business magnate’s campaign platform.
Magal is best known for its “smart” border fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip, which features ground sensors, motion detectors, video cameras, and satellite monitoring. The fence runs the length of Israel’s border with the Hamas-ruled enclave, a hotbed of terrorist activity.

In an interview with Bloomberg last month, Magal CEO Saar Koursh said his company is interested in taking on a new project: Trump’s proposed wall with Mexico.
“We would join forces with a major US defense company that has experience with such projects worldwide,” said Koursh, explaining how the company would proceed. “We’ve done it in the past and we would definitely want to do it.”
Trump first proposed the 1,000-mile border wall with America’s southern neighbor during a campaign speech in 2015, saying it would keep out the illegal immigrants, drugs, and criminals that enter the US from Mexico. He immediately raised a storm of controversy when he said that Mexico would foot the $5-10 billion bill.
Trump didn’t back down, however, and the wall remains a key political position in his campaign. He has said that the money would be raised by inflating fees for Mexican visas and charging for border crossings.
While the election is still months away, Magal, which has seen its shares and profits rise since the Islamic State and Syrian conflict appeared on the Middle East scene and prompted a greater need for borders, is getting its bid in early.

Source: Breaking Israel News
Bottom line, walls work. Considering how quickly Israel moves when they decide to do something, I think they would be an excellent choice to work hand-in-glove with Americans to get a border wall built. They have this no-holds-barred kind of attitude that really goes well with President Trump’s business-minded approach to completing a project. They’ve had the kind of experience we need to help fine-tune such an installation, and I think the whole project would be mutually beneficial for all.
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