‘Totally Unfair to Ask Mexico’ to Stop Illegals – J Ramos

So many liberals seem to feel that uncontrolled illegal immigration is just a little social problem that we have to accept. Apparently, we are supposed to readjust our priorities to accommodate them rather than to do what it takes to be sure they have something worth having that makes them a desirable candidate for citizenship. There seems to be no clue as to the impact the presence of illegals and the social programs they can take advantage of once here (read “freebies”) have on American citizens.

Jorge Ramos is one such liberal. He says that for President Trump to ask Mexico to take greater action to control the flood of people using Mexico as a conduit to sneak across our border, undetected is “totally unfair.”

This from Breitbart:

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos reiterated on Thursday that he thinks it is “totally unfair” for President Donald Trump to “ask Mexico” to do more to prevent illegal immigrants from flooding into the United States.

Ramos on CNN accused Trump of using Mexico for political purposes after Trump threatened to slap tariffs on Mexico if the country does not curb the flow of migrants as illegal border crossings have reached levels not seen in two decades. The Univision anchor said Mexico should not be Trump’s immigration police but conceded that migrants have figured out that they will most likely be able to remain in the United States if they are apprehended with a child.

Ramos, who often sounds like Michael Jordan’s opponents (who often said Jordan could only be contained and never stopped) when he speaks about illegal immigrants, again insisted that America can only “aspire to manage” illegal immigration.

“Immigration is not a problem that you can fix like an old car. We can only aspire to manage it. We are talking about human beings who tend to go to safer and richer countries,” Ramos tweeted on Wednesday evening. “It is totally unfair to ask Mexico to do what the United States couldn’t do.”

Source: Breitbart News

Ramos also doesn’t appear to have any idea that the word “illegal,” when paired with “immigrant,” is a situation in which a person is engaging in a practice that is against the law. We do NOT have to sit back and accept that they are going to keep coming, and we MUST stop them from coming. There isn’t another nation on the globe that will sit still for another nation’s invasion of their territory. The USA has been getting the short end of that stick for decades.

Jorge also believes that amnesty is a viable solution to the immigration crisis and that the border wall is a racist and hateful symbol. If that’s the case, then why does Mexico deal so harshly with someone who crosses into their country from the north? Or does that make them too “racist?” We should have stood our ground many years ago, but Democrats in search of votes engineered giveaways to incentivize non-citizens to come here while at the same time looking the other way at the voting booth as illegals were putting their “X” next to the “D” names. It’s all been a long-range plan to subvert our sovereignty and make us subjects of the New World Order.