Beto Falls In The Polls But He’s Still Desperate To Show He’s Relatable

In an attempt to appear as if they are normal humans, Democrat candidates Elizabeth Warren and Beto O’Rourke have been using social media to promote the facade that they are not disconnected multi-millionaires, but in fact, they are regular blue-collar people just like you and me.

Beto O’Rourke showed that he understands po’ folk life this week by posting a video of him changing a tire. AAA has memberships as low as $50, so it is hard to believe that this millionaire, who is married to another millionaire, changes his own tires. It’s one thing to change your own tire, and it is another thing to have someone film it and then use it as a ploy to trick people into thinking you’re a middle-class fella just like the rest of us.

Earlier in the campaign, Beto live-streamed a haircut so he could show America that he doesn’t need fancy gold scissors or a salon to get his ears lowered. On Beto’s campaign site he has posted video after video of him jogging, visiting New York, eating donuts, and getting his teeth cleaned.

Beto’s pandering has no limits. He has eaten New Mexico dirt that he believed had “regenerative properties”, he has campaigned in Mexico and he recited a couple of sentences in Spanish that were not related to a question he was asked at a Presidential Debate. Beto is just a regular guy that just happens to want to be the most powerful human in the most important position on the planet, the President of the United States. Right.