CNN’s History Of Ambushing 2nd Amendment Supporters Starts To Backfire

Jake Tapper stated that 49 of the 50 Republicans to be on his show “State of the Union”, declined in an attempt to paint them as cowards. The Governors of Texas and Ohio may have been too busy to talk to a national news pundit who was obviously going to blame them for the tragedies, but CNN presented it as if the Republicans were too afraid to face innocent questioning from an unbiased host.

Ben Shapiro attempted to inform the Washington Post reporter who may be new to CNN’s history and public agenda against Republicans:

The Daily Wire gave two solid pieces of evidence that show that CNN will put on fully produced shows under the guise of debate with the intention of embarrassing and ridiculing those that disagree with the Democrat’s preferred news outlet to push their platforms.

As an example, Shapiro pointed to CNN’s infamous town hall event following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida in 2018. At the event, hosted by Tapper, then-National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch was treated as though she pulled the trigger herself or supported the shooter. She was booed and called a “murderer” during the televised event. People also yelled that she needed to be burned.

Meanwhile, then Parkland Sheriff Scott Israel was allowed to pretend that his office acted appropriately but that guns were the real problem. Israel was later removed from office after it was reported his office’s policy of not rushing to help those in need and the numerous instances in which the shooter was known as dangerous to local police.

CNN has a clear record of promoting false information in order to both appease the emotions of the outrage mobs and the demands of the Democratic Elite. They push the agenda of the Democrats and often use the same talking points. CNN will be able to dig themselves out of this hole they have created, but not until they take responsibility for choosing a party over principle.